The part of the olive stone

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There are many friends who play nuclear carving in the literary circle, but most of them are playing with carvers and pursuing the uncanny workmanship of masters and masters.Some heavyweight master works are starting at five figures, the price is not cheap.There are also a small number of players who like to play the orb.A string of small is a few beads are thousands or even tens of thousands, the price is not cheap.But neither is the most expensive type of olive seed.If I show you a string of little beads, there is no sculptor on them, nor is it the perfect round bead of a small seed and kernel mill.But the price is in the thousands, can you believe it?Yes, this is the most expensive part of the olive stone — the apex.The orb is the most waste, but the core tip costs even more.Remember that the middle of the olive stone is empty, and there is very little space on the tip of the stone to grind into a ball.So nuclear tip material size difference half a millimeter price may be a double.And not every olive stone has the same shape and size from both ends.An ordinary 108 long string of nuclear tip material may have to grind off more than 200 nuclear material to get together, the larger the size of the waste more.From the beginning, select the core material, cut the core tip, polish the shape, and then use the knife to slowly repair the shape and finally polish into a round and smooth small ball.It’s really handmade from start to finish.In addition, not all olive seeds are coaxial.Encounter long skewed core material only sacrifice roundness grinding into a flat round apple ball or overall reduction in size.So having a perfectly rounded core is not as easy as you might think.And the market always follows the principle of “things are vaguely illegal”, so the bigger the size of the nuclear tip ball, the higher the price.Do not be surprised when you see a string of ten or twenty thousand nuclear tip beads one day, because a year may produce such a string of excellent nuclear tip.The above text is important to share, if there is infringement of your rights and interests, please contact us, within 24 hours to deal with!