Ningling County Education and Sports Bureau held the new semester student financial aid work and professional ability improvement training conference

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Henan Economic Daily reporter Diao Jingxian correspondent Xia Jinming February 22, Ningling County education and Sports Bureau held a new semester student funding work and professional ability to improve the training conference, the township central schools, the county direct primary and secondary school funding and funding management center of education and Sports bureau all attended the meeting.Define your purpose.County from the bureau to seriously implement the family economic difficulties students funded policies, improve the quality of education funding, the poor student financial assistance work as strengthen the consciousness of “four”, improve the ability construction, realizes the political task of the “two practices”, based on the education funding long-term development, and resolutely put an end to drop out of school because of inadequate education funding.Review.The person in charge of the funding management center of the county Education and Sports Bureau carefully summarized the completion of the funding work for students of each school section in 2021, pointed out the existing problems and proposed rectification measures.Clear your priorities.Further clarify ten work points of the 2022 spring semester funding work: improve work awareness, clarify job responsibilities, strengthen system construction, increase policy publicity, establish selection mechanism, standardize the selection process, strengthen remedial measures, innovate education methods, fill in the accurate application system, and timely send notification letters.Business training.Through PPT to “one card” system information, financial support management information system for business training.Disclaimer: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email or wechat, we will deal with it in time.Email address:;Wechat id: Jiupai6688 (Note to add and withdraw)