Lin Dan and son in the mansion excited dancing!The whole body is covered with glow sticks, and his wife is born by netizens

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Xie Xingfang, wife of Lin Dan, recently posted a video on her social media platform showing her husband and son playing in a luxury house, with the caption “On the coldest day, the two of them dance happily.”In the video, Lin Dan and his son, both covered in glow sticks, dance freely at night.Dressed casually in a baseball cap, Lin has been eager to interact with his son, not overbearing but loving.Lin Dan’s son is also very outgoing, jumping in a red baseball uniform, twisting his body rhythmically, and actively matching lines with his father. He is very cheerful.He also dances while chatting and interacting with his mother. The picture of a family of three with a frame is warm and beautiful.Netizens also commented that this is happiness, the family interaction is loving and fun, and the future is going to be more sweet and happy.Xie Xingfang was also urged to have two children.During the Spring Festival, Xie xingfang also posted a video of her husband Lin Dan washing dishes, saying that during the Spring Festival, guests drink more and have more bowls and chopsticks.Lin Dan mature man dressed in the video, is seriously focused on washing the dirty dishes in the bowl trough, Xie Xingfang is recording a video on the side, teasing each other a good man.Later Xie Xingfang also close to Lin Dan back, is half a hug, Lin Dan also turned back to the camera to say hello mugging, two people’s feelings thick into honey.In fact, Xie rarely reveals her family on social media, and only occasionally shares her happiness with netizens during major holidays, possibly to avoid criticism.However, she posted a lot of videos of her son. Almost every time her son practiced tennis, she accompanied him. She did not dare to help her son in the face of the coach’s admonitions.Although Xie xingfang is now focusing on her family, she hasn’t given up her career at all.It is reported that Xie Xingfang opened a maternal and child brand company in 2017, the overall development of the company is also good.Not long ago, netizens also exposed xie Xingfang and his wife in Fujian new three-story single-family mansion, decoration can be said to be luxurious taste.The courtyard can be said to be as big as a basketball court. At the gate, Lin Dan’s Olympic journey is carved. Inside, huge crystal lamps and badminton sculptures highlight the heroic spirit, as well as many entertainment facilities and a wall full of famous wine, which is the result of the couple’s joint efforts.The former two emotional haze has long dispersed, as Xie Xingfang once said in an interview, “marriage is not only black and white, there are gray areas, feelings are very private.”She knows that marriage is not easy to do and cherish, also wish two people love to grow old, son healthy and happy growth, the family peace and prosperity, happiness.# Lin Dan ## Xie Xingfang #