Dongfeng Nissan Xiaoke complete defeat, Jiangling Ford led rui on the compact SUV market dimension reduction blow

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Nowadays, a car is not only a means of transportation, but also a way to improve the quality of life.Therefore, on the premise of adequate budget, many consumers prefer to buy top-matching models, in pursuit of one-step comfort and satisfaction, and even prefer to buy the top-matching compact SUV, rather than buy an entry-level medium-sized SUV.However, with the launch of jiangling Ford Collar Rui, this product buying logic will be broken.The price of 139,8-165,800 yuan in good faith, once announced in the mainstream SUV market caused an “explosion” of attention.What makes consumers’ blood boil is that JMC Has ultra-high value product strength, which even the top-equipped compact SUV is “hard to resist”.Next, let’s compare the top-fitted midsize SUV — JIANGling Ford Leader (Leader Leader PLUS, 165,800 yuan) with the top-fitted compact SUV — Dongfeng Nissan New Xiaoke (2022 2.0L XV TOP flagship CTV, 188,900 yuan), and see which is the better value?Dongfeng Nissan new Xiao ke higher intelligent driving, lead rui set a new benchmark dongfeng Nissan new Xiao Ke main selling point is intelligent driving.For the new generation of consumers, the technology in power, control and other fields has long been mature, which is difficult to attract, and the intelligent driving assistance system that can free the feet has become a new consumer fashion.However, when the new Xiaoke is compared with the Jiangling Ford Core, the new Xiaoke’s advantage in intelligent driving disappears.Jiangling Ford Leader And Leader PLUS is equipped with Ford Co-Pilot360 Intelligent driving assistance system, which can realize L2 intelligent driving at full speed. In the face of various complicated road conditions, it can realize follow, stop, turn, lane center and lane correction assistance.At the same time, JMC Ford Link also has the DCLC intelligent lane change assist function, which can automatically complete lane change when the light is turned on. This function is also the selling point of many new car making forces, and some brands regard this function as the reference factor of whether they have high-level intelligent driving assist.The NEW JIANGling Ford And Dongfeng Nissan Xiaoker (2022 2.0L XV TOP flagship CTV) is equipped with THE L2 Intelligent driving assistance system of ProPILOT super intelligent driving, which supports one-button open and follow and stop at full speed at any time. It can also clearly identify lane lines and keep the vehicle in the middle of the lane to ensure driving safety.However, even with the new Xiaoke, it does not have the function of lighting and changing lanes. If you want to change lanes in the cruising state, you need the driver to control it by himself, which is slightly inferior to jiangling Ford.Dongfeng Nissan new xiao ke in advance to “see” the danger, linrui refresh intelligent safety standards no matter when, safe driving is a top priority, mainstream joint venture brands have passive safety basic configuration.Such as airbag, tire pressure monitoring, traction control anti-lock system, etc., these are standard in the whole system of Jiangling Ford Linrui and Xinxiaoke.The real distance between the two sides, is active safety protection performance.JMC Ford Link Has 2 monocular cameras, 3 millimeter wave radars, 4 look-around cameras and 12 ultrasonic radars, providing more than 20 high-level functions for JMC Ford Link BLIS blind spot monitoring, LCA lane change assist, FCW collision warning, LRAS tracking reversing assist and so on, providing 360-degree accurate perception without dead Angle.The car can “see” danger ahead of time.At the same time, JMC also carries a very practical integration of visual automatic parking APA 5 function, integration of visual automatic parking can accurately “see” to the solid line, dotted line and other parking Spaces, and the use of ultrasonic precision parking, but also support the identification of parking space lock.Jiangling ford brought farce carry LRAS tracking astern auxiliary for BMW with 50 meters back tracking functionality, D gear drive system will record the last 50 metres forward route open after reversing auxiliary car automatic control the steering wheel, the brake and accelerator at the way back, effectively avoid the novice into the narrow lanes, dead end back after the difficult question.The New NISSAN Xunker (2022 2.0L XV TOP flagship CTV) is equipped with the NISSAN I-Safety Intelligent active SAFETY system.It has a total of 11 active safety systems, including LDW lane departure warning, BSW lane change blind zone warning, AVM panoramic intelligent monitoring, MOD moving object/pedestrian detection warning, EAPM accelerator misstep intelligent correction, IEB pre-collision intelligent brake, ILI lane intelligent correction, etc., which can effectively reduce the blind zone of the driver’s vision.But compared with the intelligent equipment of Jiangling Ford Linrui, we can only submit to defeat.Dongfeng Nissan new Xiaoke family car is the best choice, Lingrui to improve the quality of travel SUV model application scenarios, is to meet the daily travel needs, assume the use of family travel, so for comfortable space and driving quality has higher requirements.As a mid-size SUV, JMC Ford Collar has a size advantage even compared with similar models.The length, width and height of JMC Ford Link is 4630/1935/1706mm, and the wheelbase reaches 2726mm, which also belongs to the top level in the medium-sized SUV market. It is a “blow to reduce dimension” to enter the joint venture compact SUV market.At the same time, The Lingrui has also made more optimization for the interior space.With a width of 1,935mm and a flat center floor for the rear seats, adults in the middle will not feel crowded even with two standard 50cm-wide child seats.In the longitudinal space, JMC Ford Link has repeatedly optimized and adjusted the seat H point, reaching the optimal 117mm knee space and 295mm aisle space of the same level, bringing more comfort and convenience to the travel experience of the whole family, and greatly improving the travel quality.Jiangling Ford Lingri Dongfeng Nissan New Xiao Ke is a compact SUV, its length, width and height is 4401/1837/1611mm, the wheelbase is 2646mm, not only the interior space can not compare with lingri, even in the same level of models, it can only be considered as a medium level.At the same time, the new Xiaoke rear central floor raised higher, if you want to place two standard child seats in the back row, the middle passengers will be greatly squeezed space, in the long journey is easy to feel tired.As can be seen from the comparison above, the price of compact SUV Dongfeng Nissan New Xiaoke is not only much higher than that of medium-sized SUV Jiangling Ford Lingrye, but also the configuration of all aspects is also suspended from all dimensions.With the support of the three core advantages of wide body design, pioneering technology and high quality, JMC Ford Ringcore has surpassed the mainstream SUV with a sense of high value, and has become the most competitive SUV at present. It is subverting the market perception with all-round challenger attitude.