After the Women’s Asian Cup, the list of players who are expected to be significantly elevated

2022-06-08 0 By

Wang Shanshan, the 32-year-old captain of the women’s football team, led the team to defeat The Japanese team in the absence of Wang Shuang. The most powerful thing is that the water guide let her guest guard in this game, rather than the forward position, and the performance is also commendable. It can be expected that wang Shanshan’s price will rise after the Asian Cup.Wang continues to play a key role in the Asian Cup, has contributed five goals and three assists in the Asian Cup, the third highest scoring list.In the face of Vietnam, she turned the situation around with her own efforts and finally helped the team to qualify for the semi-finals. I believe that after the Asian Cup, Wang Shuang will go abroad again and her value will increase.Tang Has scored three goals for China in the women’s Asian Cup.It can be seen that After the experience of The European league, Tang Jiajia’s performance is getting better and better, and she has become very confident with the ball. After the Asian Cup, her value will be further increased.