Xiao Yan’s five forces, in addition to endless fire, what else do you know?

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Before xiao Yan entered the ranks of Emperor Doudi, he had created four forces of his own, each of which had the birth of Emperor Doudi. Then, do you know the names of these four forces?A: rock door in the first season of the fight, Xiao Yan won the admission notice of Canaan College, just because of the reason for going out to experience, Xiao Yan chose to apply for a year’s vacation, not only to complete the three years about, but also to experience their own.Little imagine, oneself offended Cloud LAN zong, add ma empire already did not have place of shelter, have to head for Canaan college, it is to escape for life on one hand, it is to pass study on the other hand to experience oneself, the most important is the fiancee that Canaan College has him – Xiao Smoked son.Just back to the College of Canaan Xiao Yan, met the College of Canaan in the college audition, there is no doubt that Xiao Yan with the first result in the list, over the abuse of a passer-by.At the same time, before getting into the inner court, can hunt every new students will take part in the fire, fire can, in order to retain their own hands before freshmen are strength of flee for life, and ZSZSZSZ against the other way, talent for leadership, organization, set up a team, jointly protect hands to the fire, and fire can also rob an old hand.Finally, under the leadership of Xiao Yan, this session of freshmen actually beat the boss of the game – black and white double evil spirit, won the victory of the fire can hunt game, Xiao Yan led the freshmen also for the late Xiao Yan establish rock door laid the foundation.Canaan college in order to arouse the students’ morale, select only the strong survive, as long as it doesn’t make big, let the students, so often bullied by the old, new, ZSZSZSZ unite many freshmen, formed his first forces – pan door, while the ZSZSZSZ is became the pan door the door of the Lord, and of course, also belong to manned the kind of cutting.2: xiao door because admiration ZSZSZSZ genius, so many have joined the pan door man they graduated from shaw door this by ZSZSZSZ second brother xiao folded to create power, therefore, a member of the shaw door became ZSZSZSZ under new forces, in the years of black Angle domain, shaw growing door, behind also supported by college of the land of Canaan, and, of course,The main reason for xiao Yan and Xiao Li to create this force was to take revenge on Yunlan Zong.When the time is ripe and Xiao Gate grows, Xiao Yan leads a large group of dou Huang Dou Wang Strong, across the black Horn region, straight attack gama empire’s Cloud Lanshan, will completely wipe out the Cloud LAN Zong.Three: yan Meng although the fall of Yun LAN Zong lets Xiao Yan finish a wish, but the fall of Yun LAN Zong also lets the integral actual strength of Jia Ma empire slide somewhat, peripheral various countries are eyeing its, to enhance the actual strength of Jia Ma empire, Xiao Yan decides to establish a more powerful force than Yun LAN Zong – Yan Meng.Under ZSZSZSZ host, gamma empire three houses, refined pharmacist association, add to the royal family, and many other forces have been added to the inflammation of au, with the growing phlogistic union, is bound to alert other forces, so the soul temple secretly support lion ghost, let the inflammation with the African union (au), although the lion ghost no fights and level of the strong, but with the soul temple backing behind,Yan Meng is not the lion’s dark zong’s opponent from beginning to end, fortunately, Xiao Yan rushed back from zhongzhou in time, led 5 douzun strong, successful lion’s dark zong and soul dian branch eradication, so far, yan Meng became the real overlord of the northwest mainland.Four: Tianfu alliance Xiao Yan in order to rescue the old medicine from the hands of the soul hall, directly the soul hall of the dead to completely erase, since then, to Xiao Yan as the representative of the star meteor pavilion and the soul hall forged a death enemy.In order to fight against the soul temple st level of the strong, ZSZSZSZ had to go outside, after all this time the only medicine old this star meteor pavilion just enter half st the strong, also didn’t have enough strength and soul temple head, and all the way so ZSZSZSZ lobby flower cases, valley of burn infection and Dan tower powerful, after all, flowers of two and a half st in the stronger and burn phlogistic fire cloud valley the bodhi old zu: the stars st the strong protection,And danta has danta laozu the five star saint strong existence, in xiao Yan’s soft and hard, three forces and star meteorite pavilion formed tianfu alliance.Because at this time of Xiao Yan or douzun level, in the eyes of the dou Saint is not enough to see, so the tianfu alliance of the Lord by the old medicine, after all, the old medicine with half saint strength plus nine xuandan lian pharmacist identity, or enough to have a row, you think?As Xiao Yan’s actual strength is constantly becoming stronger, after breaking through fight saint realm, 9 quiet ground python clan and tai Xu ancient dragon gens also get xiao Yan’s invitation in succession, join tianfu alliance.With the growing tianfu alliance, tianfu alliance enemy also from the soul hall into the soul, in the face of the powerful soul, the overall strength of the Tianfu alliance is a little weak, so, Xiao Yan and incite the ancient tribe, inflammation and thunder to join the Tianfu alliance, then the overall strength just with the soul tribe flat.Of course, the tianfu alliance of the Lord at the moment also transferred to the hands of Xiao Yan, with the end of the battle of the two emperors, Xiao Yan and other five dou Emperor strong soaring into the world, tianfu alliance at the moment by the medicine old sit, until the medicine old breakthrough dou Emperor realm, tianfu alliance does not know who will be responsible for.After xiao Yan ascended to the world, he created a top power – endless fire domain, of course, these will be discussed in the fight against the Great Master of the Sky!Ask for praise and attention, here is the so-called National comics, take you to see “different fight to break the Sky”!