The hero image of scar literature

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There are a number of scar literature, the hero is strange, the hero is not ordinary.A, the “scar” 1, xiao-hua wang lu xh from revolutionary cadres young women of the family, since childhood by parents good revolutionary education, with the class of simple, pure feelings, but because of the small age, lack of social life of the rich and profound experience, caused her to politically naive, cause her to become a “left” ideological trend of captive and victim.Her mother was branded a traitor, which caused her great mental anguish.She does not want to believe that these are true, but credulous “gang of four” to do the so-called evidence material, determined to break with the traitor mother.In the mountain to the countryside nine years, her heart has always been in pain, contradictions.2. Wang Xiaohua’s mother, a revolutionary cadre, once risked her life on the battlefield and rescued the wounded under fire.In the “Cultural Revolution”, she was framed as a traitor by the “Gang of four”, not only on the body by tremendous destruction, suffering from serious disease, more abandoned by the beloved only daughter Xiaohua.Although her daughter refused to contact her for years, she knew that her child’s heart may be more “hurt” than her own, so she longed to see her daughter.1. Zhang Junshi, head teacher of Class 3, Grade 3, Guangming Middle School, communist Party member.He is serious and solemn, knowledgeable, responsible and meticulous, and has a firm stand. He is trusted by the party branch of the school and enjoys great prestige among the students.When party branch secretary wants him to receive rascal student Song Baoqi, he resolutely promised, and go to song home home to visit immediately.Despite opposition from colleagues at school and students in his class, he is determined to do his best to save Song and other children poisoned by the gang of Four.Xie Huimin, the league branch secretary of Class 3, Grade 3, guangming Middle School, and Mr. Zhang’s right-hand man, is recognized as a good student.He is simple and sincere in heart, and has good conduct. He loves socialism, but he is poisoned by the ultra-left ideology of the gang of Four. He is rigid and obstinate in thinking, likes the upper class and blindly follows the ultra-left ideology.She thinks that any book that is not recommended in the newspaper or not checked out in the library is a bad book. Therefore, she disagrees with her classmate Shi Hong and teacher Zhang Junshi on whether the Gadfly is a “dirty book”.3. Song Baoqi’s family was well off, but his father’s neglect of discipline, coupled with the lack of systematic school education and correct guidance during the ten years of turmoil, led him to go astray and participate in criminal activities of illegal gangs.He was well fed and strong, but his spirit was empty and foolish, and his head was full of feudal brotherhood.The bad boy, like “good student” Xie Huimin, was convinced that the stolen Gadfly was “pornography” even though he had not read it (he had scribbled on the illustrations).Ke Bizhou and Du Jianchun Ke Bizhou, an educated youth from a poor background, ignored the hardships of life and numerous political pressures, but he was still firm and persistent. He attacked in adversity, explored resources for the people in the mountainous area where he joined the team and established a small hydropower station.Du Jianchun, an educated young woman from a military family, felt pity and sympathy for him because of his character and situation.However, the reactionary blood theory laid a gap in Du Jianchun’s heart, making her shy before Ke Bizhou’s pursuit of pure love;Before long, Du jianchun’s father was labeled as a “capitalist walker” and du jianchun’s soul underwent a harsh baptism in the face of the drastic change in his political status.She fell in love with Ke only after her father was exonerated.Four, Zhou Keqin “Xu MAO and his Daughters” 1, Xu MAO hero.Xu MAO, a farmer of Hulu Ba, had nine daughters at one birth.He was industrious, sometimes angry, sometimes gentle and kind.As a farmer, he hated the old society, but because of the successive political movements, he did not like the new society after the cooperative, from loving the collective to selfish.Positive enterprising in cooperative years, love socialist collective economy.But in the ten years of disaster, his family suffered a lot of misfortune, the world made him selfish, irritable, lonely and poor.But even as he went back, he did not forget the farmer’s duty.At last he rekindled the hope of life and the enthusiasm for socialism in the whole society.2. The eldest son-in-law of Kim Dong-su s main character.Forty-two years old, born in poverty, honest, feeling for the party.He was the party branch secretary of Hulu Ba. He was removed from office in the “Criticism of Lin and Kong” movement, and was trapped in the dilemma of the death of his wife.Xu MAO’s son-in-law, the former party secretary of Hulu Dam, is aboveboard.During the turbulent years, he was doubly hit by the death of his wife and his dismissal from office.Although he was ordered to step down, he was still concerned about production and the life of the members and secretly drafted plans for calabash Dam.The protagonist’s fourth daughter.Four girl Xu Xiuyun is a gentle, kind-hearted, clever, and bear the spirit of rural women.After she is bullied by Zheng Bairu, have to marry Zheng Bairu, but be abandoned eventually, after with elder brother-in-law Jin Dongshui produced love.Xu MAO’s fourth daughter, gentle and kind-hearted, outwardly weak, but actually strong.Although she lived an unhappy and lonely life, she was still full of a passionate yearning for happiness and showed compassion for her brother-in-law and nephews and nieces.After going through a storm, she becomes more mature, stronger and more persistent in pursuit of a better future.The seventh daughter of the hero.Is a spiritual emptiness, the pursuit of vanity of women.She pays too much attention to her plump appearance, and shows a different kind of incongruous action with calabash dam life.It was entirely natural for her to “fall in love” and “abandon” Wu changquan.Cheerful and lively.She was in the supply and marketing agency when a salesman, a wish to get rid of their growth through marriage in the countryside, so thousands of pick and choose to find a “seen the world” young man Xiao Zhu, but the encounter is not pretty.Zheng Bairu is the protagonist’s fourth son-in-law.The ex-husband of Seo Soo-yun.He was insidious and crafty. He took the power of Calabash dam in the “Cultural Revolution” and found a “rebel comrade” to be his concubine. He despised his wife, four girls, and abandoned her because she was old-fashioned.As a result of the change of political climate, working group into the village to rectify, he was afraid of four girls to expose his bad deeds, to block her mouth, do everything possible to seek remarriage.Zheng Bairu is a treacherous, misbehaving guy, all rely on political speculation started.Four girls xu Xiuyun is used to cheat and shameless means of possession.But when he climbed the party branch of the brigade after the deputy secretary of the throne, but also dislike Xu Xiuyun, and proposed to divorce Xu Xiuyun.1. Peng Qipeng is a professional soldier.He made a living by burning charcoal in his youth, met Chen Jingquan and Hu Liansheng, with the knot, join the army together, follow MAO Zedong to participate in the long March of 25 thousand li, fight Japan, fight Chiang Kai-shek;After the founding of New China, he served as the commander of the New Fourth Corps of the PLA Air Force.He had a quick political mind — although he did not know much about the Cultural Revolution at first, he could intuit that the movement was “arranged by politicians” and “new politics in a new era”.High ideological level — in the Cultural Revolution, he rose up to fight, but not out of personal interests, but out of loyalty to the Party, the nation, the country;Even in difficulties, life and death are not safe, but also obsessed with the interests of the nation, the state and their own duties.Chen Jingquan is also a professional soldier.He and Peng Qi, Hu Liansheng together through the beacon years, and together in peace time as a defense of the territory and soil, protect the country’s important task — as the air force made up the fourth corps political commissar.His life was full of misfortunes — he lost an arm during the War of Resistance against Japan;In middle age, his wife committed suicide in the “anti-rightist” wrongful death.Suffering from serious heart disease, he passively participated in the Cultural Revolution and did things against his will.He is loyal to his duty — as a political commissar, the superior asked him to convene the party committee struggle Peng Qi, if he does not do according to the superior requirements, he may be knocked down;If you do according to the requirements of the superior, and really feel sorry;But finally from their own post responsibilities, as the struggle peng its group leader.Zhao Daming is a member of the art troupe of the Fourth Corps of the PLA Air Force.Influenced by the trend of The Times, he joins the ranks of the rebels, but later awakens to sympathize with and protect Peng Qi and expose Jiang Zuizhang.He was positive and motivated, sincere, pure but naive, and lacked independence. He regarded the Cultural Revolution as a revolution that touched people’s soul, and tried to keep up with The Times and keep pace with the real life, so that he ended his relationship with Peng Xiangxiang, the daughter of Peng Qi, and “united” and “fought” with Fan Ziyu.Although he respects and trusts Peng qi, he believes peng Qi has mistakes and hopes him to correct mistakes actively.Seeing Chen Jingquan criticized, she felt contradictory, but soon “from surprise to understanding, from understanding to impulse, from impulse to numbness”, and finally joined in criticizing Chen Jingquan.Hu Yuyin a stall vendor selling rice and tofu in Furong Town.Beautiful and simple, industrious and frugal, skillful in mind and hands, warm and straightforward, kind to others.She got rich by fair dealing, but became guilty of nothing and got killed.She initially blamed it all on fate, and even blamed it on right-wing Qin Shutian who sang happy songs at her wedding.Later, in the hardship with Qin, she from simple to mature, grow into a strong woman against the fate of oppression.Qin Shutian, the director of the yuan County Cultural Center, was the most literate person in town, but he was labeled as a rightist.His feelings are delicate and sincere, his mind is quick and clever, and he uses twisted forms of resistance.Although was called rightists, but the love of life, the pursuit of beauty did not disappear.In the age when people were inferior to dogs, he dared to help Hu Yuyin, dared to love, dared to enjoy the rights of life, filled with light and hope, and firmly believed that the darkness would eventually pass.Li Guoxiang was the manager of the state-run restaurant in the small town. Later, she became the leader of the working group of the “Four Qing dynasties”, the director of the commune, and a member of the standing Committee of the county Party Committee. After the Cultural Revolution, she was promoted again.As an active promoter of the extreme left, she tramples and hurts the little people who can’t fight.At the same time, the extreme left line has become the shackles of her mind, so that her psychological and physical abnormal.She was jealous of Hu Yuyin’s beauty and could not stand that so many men were attracted to Hu Yuyin, while she dared not love and could not get true love, but could only profane it.Wang Qiu-she town loafers, rogue proles, lazy, lazy, in the era of right and wrong, he not only because of their own poverty and righteous, arrogant, and also by virtue of their own poverty and among the power structure, violent village, oppress the people.Li Mangeng veteran, Hu Yuyin’s stem brother, originally with her two love mutually yue, but obey the organization, did not marry hu Yuyin who was not born well, so regret for a lifetime.In the “movement”, in order to protect himself, he betrayed Hu Yuyin, kept his party membership and public office, was demoted to secretary, and ran errands behind Wang Qiu-she. In fact, he was filled with great contradictions and pain.