Known as the first Asian beauty of her, after all what charm, so many people recognized?

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Known as the “Asian first beauty” of her, after all what charm, so many people recognized?Today we are going to talk about Lee Seong-min, who is called “The most beautiful woman in Asia”. Let’s see what she has that makes so many people recognize her.Born in 1986, Lee sung-min is hardly young. At 33, she is still considered in her 20s, regardless of her age.Most Chinese audiences recognize her from the movie “Lover,” in which she wears a red dress and looks seduced by steam.At that time just let a person sigh how can have so good-looking charming woman, through understanding later, just know she not only very temperament good-looking, but also very capable.In fact, Lee sung-min first made her debut in the Korean drama “Invisible Choi Jang-soo,” in which she was seen by many people.After that, she was more attracted by the director’s charm, so she was invited to star in more films and TV dramas, and the goddess began her acting road.In South Korea, Lee sung-min is the face of a sex symbol whose every move strikes a chord with many otakus.Wearing sportswear, she is more youthful, as if just a college student out of society.To keep her in such good shape, nature and daily exercise are inseparable from guanxi.In life, Li chengmin is a very low-key person, she never put on any high AIRS because she is already a superstar.On the contrary, according to many people who work with her, she is polite enough to say hello to everyone she meets.She could speak softly to an unknown actress.This makes people feel comfortable, and the quality of Li Chengmin, how can not let a person like it.In terms of filming, she also has her own unique views, although it is not a professional actor, but from the moment she stepped into the entertainment circle, she has been a qualified actor, the kind of assiduous study spirit, but now a lot of small fresh meat body completely can not see things.Li Chengmin’s beauty, unlike plastic surgery industry developed in South Korea those beauties, are the same beauty, appearance most of the same.Her beauty is so recognizable and atmospheric that it can be pulled off easily with any makeup.