Gulang focuses on building “Cultural Gas station” for rural revitalization

2022-06-07 0 By

The ancient sea focus on building the rural revitalization of the “cultural stations” in recent years, gulang county according to the construction of “elegant ancient sea” as the goal, give priority to with community study, random house of farmhouse and other positions, strive to build “good read, read good books, good books” thick atmosphere, guide the masses in the reading accomplishment of body and mind, wisdom in reading, improve quality in the reading,Enjoy a more civilized and harmonious reading life.Recently, in the rural library of Zhongxing community in Tumen Town of the county, a row of desks are lined with books, while more than 10 kinds of newspapers are neatly arranged on the bookshelf on the other side.The environment here is elegant and scholarly, and many people are enjoying the pleasure of reading in a quiet atmosphere.The farm house also through integration of resources, expand the approaches of service and constantly enhance the level of public cultural services, building peasant bookstore into rural revitalization “cultural stations”, bring the popular science education, family, lectures and other activities, enrich the cultural life of the masses, improve the level of rural science and technology level and moral education, to rural development and common prosperity.Gulang county also timely meets the needs of the people to read, constantly optimize the quality of community study and rural library services, effectively solve the people’s “difficult to borrow books, reading” problem, so that the community study and rural library really become the cultural front and spiritual home of the people.Author: Wang Junchao