Frontier | Four cities in Shandong were selected as national benchmark cities in the field of government procurement

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In order to polish the name card of “Shandong political procurement”, shandong province focuses on the concerns of market subjects and gives full play to the leading and exemplary role of government procurement.In the national business environment evaluation, four cities in Shandong were selected as the top 20 benchmark cities in the field of government procurement.We pioneered the “pre-procurement” model to improve the efficiency of government procurement.To improve the efficiency of government procurement budget implementation, and to solve the maximal execution of procurement projects to the overall problem such as bidding, shandong research launched “advance purchase” model, to be included in the annual budget of the government procurement projects, the maximal procurement projects, as well as the entire province BHG grading contract projects, can be in the budget to “advance purchase” before approval,After the budget is approved, the purchase contract shall be directly signed with the result of “pre-purchase”.The promotion and application of “pre-procurement” mode has effectively solved the overall lag of annual procurement activities and accelerated the budget implementation progress.In 2021, 2,024 provincial-level “pre-procurement” projects were implemented, with a budget of 12.524 billion yuan, accounting for 16.4 percent of the annual procurement budget.Taking the fast train of digitalization, Shandong has built a unified online shopping mall of the whole province to make government procurement more efficient and have a wider platform.At present, all budget units at all levels in 16 cities of the province can carry out digital procurement online, and 23,000 suppliers have been stationed, nearly 10 times more than before the implementation of the commitment to stationed.The “attraction” of online mall to enterprises is strong, which comes from its convenient and high-quality services: first, the entry threshold is low, the implementation of supplier commitment stationed system, open the door to competition for all market subjects, to ensure that high-quality suppliers should be fully entered;Secondly, the procurement is convenient, the introduction of direct purchase, bidding and counter-auction and other procurement methods, without expert review, save the cost of review, to achieve instant transaction, the same day to take goods.In addition, through the implementation of digital process reengineering, our province has realized the online operation of the whole process of government procurement, bidding, evaluation, questioning, complaints and other links can be operated online, so that information can really run more, less errands for enterprises.In 2021, the transaction volume of online shopping mall reached 5.8 billion yuan.In order to alleviate the funding problems of suppliers, our province innovates the contract financing mode and takes the lead in implementing the contract financing mode of “finance + bank + guarantee + credit” in China, providing online financing services with low threshold, no mortgage and fast processing for small and medium-sized enterprises.Strengthen credit management, cancel or reduce security deposit for suppliers with good credit records, encourage purchasers to waive performance security deposit or reduce payment ratio for suppliers with good credit records, and replace capital pledge with credit management.In 2021, the provincial government procurement contract financing totaled 8.112 billion yuan, ranking first in China, benefiting nearly 1,200 enterprises.In order to achieve fair participation of suppliers in government procurement, Our province took the lead in implementing the negative list system.In advance, the “red line” was clearly drawn, and the “Negative List of Government Procurement in Shandong Province” was formulated, specifying 137 prohibited items in 42 categories;Afterwards, improve relief services and guide suppliers to question and complain in accordance with legal procedures.In 2021, the province made 444 complaint handling decisions, effectively protecting the legitimate rights and interests of suppliers.In addition, Shandong has focused on improving the transparency of government procurement.On the basis of the implementation of the “six disclosures” of procurement budget, procurement demand, procurement documents, procurement results, procurement contracts and performance acceptance, four more measures will be introduced in 2021, making China the first to realize the “ten disclosures” of procurement information in the whole process and ranking first in the national government procurement transparency assessment.(source: Dazhong Daily) Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email or wechat, we will promptly deal with.Email address:;Wechat id: Jiupai6688 (Note to add and withdraw)