An intelligent unmanned retail car is seen in Guangzhou’s Haizhu Park

2022-06-07 0 By

Since the Spring Festival, visitors to Haizhu Park in Guangzhou may have found some new friends: bright colors and compact cars.This “line deep intelligent unmanned sales car” appeared, immediately attracted the attention of everyone.Guangzhou Haizhu Park recently introduced the xingshen intelligent and intelligent scenic spot solution. After entering the park, unmanned retail vehicles can realize completely unmanned automatic driving in the park, providing intimate and thoughtful mobile retail services without contact for tourists.Visitors can wave at the car, press the car stop button, scan a QR code or swipe a touch screen to stop the car, use the touch screen to select the goods they want, and make the purchase by scanning a code such as wechat or Alipay.At the same time, based on data accumulation and intelligent analysis, the unmanned vehicle can accurately find crowded areas and stay longer at points with more tourists.Based on research and practical operation experience, the retail counters carried by unmanned vehicles are equipped with a variety of snacks, drinks and gift packages for Internet celebrities, so as to grasp the various core needs of tourists.”Haizhu Park is the largest wetland park in Guangzhou. The addition of unmanned retail vehicles promotes the development of new retail format in the scenic spot, uses scientific and technological means to create scenic IP, meets the personalized needs of citizens and tourists, creates smart scenic spots faster and better, and explores more possibilities in the wetland park,” said the head of the scenic spot operation.At present, haizhu Park has put six unmanned retail cars, tourists compete to experience during the Spring Festival, widely praised, attracted many people to come to “clock”, is expected to enjoy the Lantern Festival around the flowers and lanterns, citizens, tourists and unmanned car interaction will climax.Wisdom scenic line deep intelligence solution for park visitors to provide convenient shopping, avoid queuing, reduce exposure, alleviate the pressure of the passenger flow peak scenic spot service, also has solved the traditional park, a store, the problem of insufficient coverage of vending machines, in the form of high-tech let visitors experience more comfortable, supporting service more perfect, the scenic area management more accurate.The introduction and implementation of Xingshen intelligent unmanned driving technology in Haizhu Park is a classic case of innovative integration and mutual empowerment of artificial intelligence industry and cultural and tourism industry.Based on the success of this cooperation, both parties plan to further expand the number and scope of operation of unmanned retail vehicles in the future, build innovative technology benchmark of smart scenic spots, and form demonstration application of unmanned retail.With the integration of traditional folk customs and artificial intelligence, now, no matter you are in scenic spots, parks, schools and factories, you can enjoy the “no-contact intelligent service” of intelligent unmanned vehicles.