A group of 173 car owners filed a lawsuit against Weima, alleging that the latter “locked the electricity” causing the vehicle’s range to plunge

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IT home on February 10, recently have many horse owners reflect, on New Year’s eve wei ma to user-oriented launched the activities of the New Year in the user’s “optimum”, for the 18888 lucky users a comprehensive inspection of vehicles and 200 yuan worth of jingdong card “name”, secretly to “lock” electricity, vehicle to vehicle range greatly reduced,It shrank to less than 300km, a far cry from the 400km claimed at the time of purchase.News, according to the interface for this, this year on January 10, 173 wei horse owners joint to car to send the lawyer letter and asked wei horse car “electric lock” acknowledgement, immediately stop the false propaganda within 7 days, stop enroach on user rights, take the initiative to take responsibility for security, make up the major security defects, compensate users open sincere apology,Actively respond to users’ legitimate demands.”Battery lock” refers to the process by which a car company rewrites the battery management system (BMS) to lock the battery capacity, limit the charge and discharge of the battery, change the capacity of the battery, change the charge and discharge speed of the battery, limit the maximum charge of the battery and the total amount of discharge, resulting in a significant reduction in the range of the battery.Some owners of Weimar EX5 said on the open platform that after participating in the activity, the vehicle can significantly reduce the electricity consumption, vent voltage from 333V to 340V, full voltage from 407.5V to 396V, the actual range reduced by nearly 20%.The owner also said that the 403-kilometer range of the model can only run more than 200 kilometers in winter, far from meeting daily needs.So why does Vima “lock” the car?Perhaps for safety reasons, it is reported that There have been many battery safety incidents before Weima EX5. On December 20, 2021, a Weima EX5 in Zhengzhou spontaneously combusted after charging;On December 22 and 23, two Wayma EX5 vehicles caught fire in Hainan.However, battery safety problems cannot be solved simply by “locking up the electricity”. After all, this harms the rights and interests of consumers.So far, There has been no official response from VIMA.