85 flower after divorce status: Yang Mi into a strong woman, Zhao Liying state return, baby six plays to be broadcast

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Angelababy’s official announcement of her divorce has finally confirmed the long-rumored divorce, giving the entertainment industry another single beauty star.Huang xiaoming baby’s divorce has been in the news for a long time, with many netizens suspecting that the couple’s divorce had been announced long ago.At present, the couple are busy with their own work, Huang Xiaoming is filming in huzhou, baby is also promoting his own endorsement, looks completely not affected by the divorce state, must be long over the low point of divorce, now are continuing to fight for their careers.Baby is currently in charge of six TV series as the female lead, the male co-stars are also ren Jialun, Ma Tianyu and other popular young children, and there is even a possibility of “screen domination” in the next year.Baby’s career won’t be affected by her divorce, but if she can hone her acting skills a bit more, she may have a breakthrough.With 85 flowers, the divorce is less than a year of Zhao Liying’s current state has been perfect return.Her marriage to Feng Shaofeng seems to have sped up. The two got married at the end of 2018, gave birth to a son the following year, and announced their divorce in 2021.Recently divorced Zhao Liying is under a lot of pressure, was photographed by the media, the whole person has lost shape.Her gray tracksuit is very loose on her body, and her arms are as thin as a hemp pole. Zhao liying walks quickly with her head bowed alone, which makes many fans feel distressed.There are also media Revelations, zhao Liying was more than a condition for the play: to bring his son with him.Suddenly becoming a single mother, zhao Liying must have had a hard time with her busy and stressful job.However this grass root one’s previous experience, all along firm “go all out three niang” did not throw in the towel, spend the fastest time to adjust his state, in recording “5·4 send youth” when short film, face has restored mellow, color or many.In the suspense drama Who is the Murderer, which will be released in December 2021, Zhao Liying’s acting is as online as ever, revealing her character’s characteristics incisive and gaining a lot of attention.In addition, Zhao has two upcoming dramas, Happiness to 10,000 and Wild Growth.Among them, the female lead drama “Happiness to 10,000” is Zhao Liying’s first drama, not only on the star, it is reported that will also be broadcast on CCTV.In recent days, Zhao Liying has been busy rehearsing the Spring Festival Gala for the Year of the Tiger.It was the first time in her 15-year career that she had been invited to the gala, a small achievement for her.It can be seen that Zhao Liying did not fall behind after the divorce, and after the return of the state is frequently to bring surprises to fans.When it comes to divorce, Angelababy’s best friend Yang Mi is also on the list.In December 2018, Yang mi’s agency jia Hang Media released a statement announcing her divorce from Hawick Lau.From then on, Big Mi – mi began to struggle for a strong woman, film and TELEVISION variety.As a regular guest of Escape Chamber of Secrets, he participated in two seasons of the movie Stab novelist, contributed a series of TV works such as The Eye of the Storm, The Law of love, And Mrs. Hu Zhu, and also continued to guest star in the role of “Bai Qian” in The Book on The Pillow of Three Lives three Times.Compared with her achievements in work, Yang Mi is called a strong woman because of her strong confidence and attitude.No matter what kind of problems she faced, she was full of confidence, neither humble nor pushy.When Yang Mi was asked if she would regard her ex-boyfriend as her “contacts” during the recording of The seventh season of The show, she answered defiantly: “I think I am the contacts.”Now, although Yang Mi is still wandering in the ancient puppet drama, but compared with her ex-husband who has half faded out of the entertainment circle, her dedication to work is very strong, endorsement, performance, variety, fashion are online, still one of the popular topic actress.Divorce is not a rare event for entertainment stars.From the personal experiences of Angelababy, Zhao Liying and Yang Mi, women should not be afraid of any problems as long as they can remain independent both mentally and professionally.Marriage is not a necessary factor for happiness, take yourself as the heroine of life, to harvest the happiness of life.This article without authorization is strictly prohibited reprint offenders will investigate!