Yangquan city fire rescue detachment continues to carry out public gathering place fire safety special inspection work

2022-06-06 0 By

In order to further strengthen the area of public gathering place fire safety supervision work, On March 29, Yangquan city fire rescue detachment suburban brigade in-depth area hotel, Internet cafes to carry out fire safety special inspection work.The supervision and inspection personnel of the brigade inspected the fire control room, evacuation passageway and other key parts of the unit, tested the functions of fire hydrants, automatic fire alarm system and other fire fighting facilities on the spot, randomly checked the employees’ grasp of fire fighting knowledge such as “one understanding, three meetings” and the implementation of the unit’s “three autonomy, two disclosure and one commitment”.Understand the miniature fire station equipment, business training, daily management and so on.At the same time to the two units in charge of the feedback inspection situation, pointed out the existing outstanding problems, and put forward suggestions for rectification.It is also required that places should strictly implement the fire safety responsibility system, actively carry out self-examination and self-correction, seriously do a good job in fire safety guarantee, strengthen fire safety training for employees, and strictly prevent fire accidents.In the next step, the suburban brigade will combine the actual area, increase the fire supervision and inspection of public gathering places, timely investigation and elimination of all kinds of fire safety hazards, to ensure that the fire situation in the area continues to be stable.Source: Yangquan Fire Department