“Thousands of miles” to send warmth, to the “heart”

2022-06-06 0 By

On the occasion of the Approaching of the Spring Festival, the People’s Procuratorate of Changyang Tujia Autonomous County organized visits and condolences, and continued to send the warmth of the procuratorial work to retired cadres and difficult workers.”Long time no see, you can come, really let me feel surprised and pleasantly surprised…”On January 25, 2022, when Xiao Fei, secretary of the CPC Leading Group and Procurator-General, visited guo Zihuai’s home in Wuhan, the retired official was surprised, happy and moved.Guo Zihuai for the hospital retired veteran cadres, since retirement in Wuhan for a long time to live, in order to let not in Changyang retired cadres can also feel the warmth of the organization, procurator-general Xiao Fei went to Wuhan to visit retired cadres, listen to the opinions and suggestions of the procuratorial work.Before the festival greetings fly into the “ten thousand” in “sincerely thank the hospital leadership’s concern, I wish the hospital police and retired comrades good health, happy family, the year of the Tiger, happy Spring Festival!”Recently, the group of retired senior cadres has been very active, and people have sent the above information in the group to express their gratitude and blessing.Why?The original hospital all leading group members led the team, to 21 retired cadres to carry out condolences, will organize warm and holiday wishes sent into the “ten thousand” retired cadres home.In order to standardize the visit and condolence activities during the Spring Festival, the institute formulated the “2022 Visit and Condolence Activities Program for Senior Cadres during the Spring Festival”, and arranged the “timetable” and “roadmap” for the visit and condolence activities to ensure the successful completion of the visit.A special “gift” for staff in need at a hospital has helped break the winter chill.Some of the six workers with special difficulties underwent a “major examination” in 2021 and fought doggedly against various diseases.Some families have gone through major changes and been hit by all kinds of life shocks.Some families have a weak foundation and are under great economic pressure…In order to make them feel the warmth of the festival and the warmth of the organization even in the face of adversity, the hospital gave them gifts and condolence money to make the prosecutors feel warm in their hearts.