The 3 millionth engine of SAIC Motor Nanjing Base rolled off the production line

2022-06-06 0 By

On February 18th, saic Motor Nanjing Base engine factory officially rolled off the production line.From the successful mass production of the first NSE 1.5VCT in Nanjing Base engine plant on March 8, 2010, the engine plant has realized the actual mass production of two NSE/SGE platforms, 10 products and 130 types of models in 12 years, with an average annual output of more than 250,000 units.Among them, NSE engine platform has created more than 2.56 million units of good results, providing strong support for THE best-selling main models of SAIC passenger cars.Last year, the engine plant produced nearly 510,000 units, an annual record.The engine plant also provides a solid guarantee for SAIC to further open the international market for passenger vehicles.Since 2014, the base has continuously and efficiently provided spare parts and engine complete machines for SAIC’s overseas bases in Thailand, India, Pakistan and other regions, ensuring the supply of finished vehicles in overseas markets with high-quality and cost-effective engine supply.The miracle of high-speed development is constantly performed in the Nanjing Base engine factory. The first 1 million units of the engine factory took 6 and a half years.The second million took three years and two months;The third one, one million, took two years and three months.Adhering to the “five Zero” quality management system of “zero defect in quality manufacturing, zero complaint in customer service, zero blind spot in process control, zero error in fine details, and zero distance in effective pulling”, the AUDIT score of saic Passenger Car Engine Factory in Nanjing Base has been stable for a long time under QK < 1.1, and the engine pass rate is as high as 99.5% or more.In 2021, the failure rate of AFTER-SALES IPTV index PDI is only 0.06, reaching the international first-class level.In the process of development, Beijing Base engine factory has established and improved the management system including cost control, quality control, efficiency improvement, etc., formed a comparative advantage with differentiated competitiveness, and achieved a series of technical achievements.In the past three years, the engine factory has increased the independent transformation of domestic equipment, and the optimization project of cutting tools has reached 105, greatly saving the manufacturing cost.The seven model technician innovation studios have been set up successively, which have completed innovation and improvement from on-site management to technical breakthrough.At the same time, the factory also attaches great importance to talent construction, practice the concept of car building and training, training a number of operators, technical backbone, for many years in the national and provincial and municipal competitions with honors.Thanks to the comprehensive promotion of digital transformation, nanjing Base engine factory has also passed the Jiangsu Province Demonstration intelligent Workshop certification, base and staff won the second prize of national equipment innovation achievement management, Nanjing Model worker, Nanjing May 1 Labor medal and other authoritative recognition and commendation.The high quality development of nanjing Base engine plant is the epitome of SAIC passenger vehicle layout in the digital era.In recent years, saic passenger cars with saic, strategic layout, build the intelligent manufacturing research and development of "digital + + + digital marketing" digital supply chain of the whole business chain of innovation system intellectualization transformation, can continue to assign for the enterprise, for the product fu intellectual, assignment for the user, and in 2021 won the national title of "intelligent manufacturing enterprises" benchmarking,Become the only Chinese independent brand car enterprises to win this award.At present, SAIC passenger vehicles has formed a "user-centered, digitally-driven" full life cycle of the whole business chain digital ecology, leading the independent brand intelligent benchmarking innovation road.The successful production of 3 million engines is the unremitting pursuit of customer satisfaction and the profound practice of SAIC's values of "user-oriented, partners-oriented and innovation-oriented".Next, under the guidance of SAIC Motor, NANJING Engine Plant will continue to carry forward lean culture and lean management concept, continuously improve production capacity and product quality, and accelerate saic Motor to become a "user-centered, digitally-driven multinational technology enterprise".