Shaanxi meteorological Observatory continued to issue a yellow alert of “level iii/severe” for fog

2022-06-06 0 By

Shaanxi province meteorological observatory during January 27, 2022, 09 23 points continue to publish the fog yellow early warning signal: the current yulin south county, baoji east county, xian changan district, tongchuan Mr Wang weinan area, some counties has been less than 500 metres in the fog, visibility is expected to appear the following areas in the next 12 hours visibility is less than 500 meters of fog:Jingbian County, Dingbian, Suide, Zizhou County, Yulin City; Lianhu District, Baqiao, Weiyang, Yanliang, Lintong, Chang ‘an, Gaoling, Lantian, Zhouzhi, Unremarkable Yi District, Xincheng District, Beilin District, Yanta District, Yintai District, Yaozhou, Yijun County, Wangyi District, Tongchuan CityBaoji weibin district, jin tai area, their area, qishan county, county, this, the regionalization, qianyang county, linyou county, taibai county, fengxiang, xianyang qindu, wei city, sanyuan county, jingyang county, dry county, liquan, yongshou, his city, xunyi county, chunhua county, wu gong county, xingping, changwu, Yang Lingyang land,Linwei District, Huazhou District, Tongguan County, Dali County, Heyang County, Chengcheng County, Pucheng County, Baishui County, Fuping County, Hancheng City, Huayin City, Hanzhong City, Xiaoyang County, Ankang City, Hanyin County, please take precautions.