CCTV live!Guangdong vs Tianjin in the first playoff game, Du Feng is waiting for Tianjin double foreign aid difficult to break defense

2022-06-06 0 By

The CBA playoff will officially start tomorrow, at 15pm, there will be the opening game of the playoffs, against the two sides of the defending champion Guangdong team against one of the dark horse of the season Tianjin Team, and this game will also attract great attention, CCTV aspect CCTV5 will be live.The playoffs in the first battle of the game, the two sides will also make the spirit of an extremely, especially for guangdong as defending champion, they also stumbled along this season, state fluctuation is very big, the team this season in the regular season ranking has not yet entered the first four, this is Du Feng is difficult to accept, but this special situation,After all, the team aging foreign aid and lido pull down, and there are many injuries, but the current guangdong team seems to have gradually improved these problems.In the third stage, Guangdong Team ren Junfei and Yi Jianlian have suffered injuries, but with this short gap period, the two interior main force has gradually resumed training, tomorrow will be fully ready to play, which greatly reduces the pressure on Du Feng, in addition, zhang Hao has returned to the team.Foreign aid Weems also announced the social media impact of the playoffs, for Du Feng’s current lineup although aging, but still impact.And tianjin team here, is undoubtedly a as a challenger to guangdong, for they should have no pressure, after all, can from the league last several dozen until the playoffs have overfulfilled task, at the same time also can see that the team in stage 3 change, also let more people are looking forward to tianjin to a shock in guangdong.Look from the contest experience temperament undoubtedly Guangzhou east team still occupied the advantage, although Tianjin team has double foreign aid, and still can use the foreign aid of 4 section 5 person times, but the guangzhou East team that faces the old way still has as hard.At present, the guangdong team has an overwhelming advantage from the comparison of the positions of the two teams. There are Yi Jianlian, Su Wei, Ren Junfei on the inside, and Zhou Peng can also guest star.And in the outside has Zhao Rui, Hu Mingxuan, Xu Jie, in addition to Weems, Lidle also has a certain impact.And tianjin team inside the line respect does not have big foreign aid team also can rely on veteran zhang Zhaoxu and shi De shuai and other people hard carry, and in the outside line respect is tianjin team can only use the point, that is double foreign aid Rochester and Burton.If they can play well, they may be able to win by surprise, but Du Feng is difficult to give Tianjin team such a chance, anyway, this game will officially start tomorrow afternoon, both sides have experienced a week’s rest, physical strength, let us look forward to this playoff battle.