10 signs of a violent man: Girls must recognize the signs and move away from them

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Guide language: the cry that sees a girl on the net before complain a post, say oneself follow boyfriend love 3 years to enter marriage, full heart thinks it is romantic love to finally repair proper fruit, do not know it is cliff depth is waiting for him originally however.Girl, described in the post content is tender and thoughtful boyfriend before marriage, everything have to respond to both landing, she always thought she found the envy of others, but after marriage, your husband has gradually exposed the nature, he began to check your phone information little by little, and check yourself who are called today, where, what ate,And the original tender and considerate no longer appear, and even gradually appeared language violence, until the present “domestic violence”.Girls always think that domestic violence this kind of thing is far away from yourself, but don’t know one day oneself also plunged into the swamp, after he played a girl again, unbearable girl filed for divorce, but even if divorced, domestic violence has indelible damage, and so have family violence tendency of man? What are the features, you might as well look through the following set of cartoons,Learn more about it.Conclusion: girls should understand that domestic violence and cheating are the same, there are only zero and countless times of difference, if there is the first time, then there will be absolutely a second time, so do not be soft on him.