Push me too far!The us and Japan’s aircraft carriers are massing and want China to cede territory

2022-06-05 0 By

The US and Japanese navies have assembled five aircraft carriers in Philippine waters east of Taiwan for their largest joint military exercise since last October.The U.S. Navy showed off its mobile forces. The two aircraft carriers, the USS Carl Vinson and the USS Abraham Lincoln, also took off and landed F-35C fighter jets at the same time, apparently aiming to pressure China with the presence of five aircraft carriers.In fact, in the joint military exercise between the two countries at the same time, also in the non-stop carried out diplomatic activities, both countries recently held a “2 + 2” talks, and sure enough, they are still in the process of meeting the “China threat”, also let China on the diaoyu islands, the south China sea reefs to make concessions on issues such as, it is to want to intervene in China’s internal affairs.These absurd actions have seriously touched China’s bottom line. China’s territory cannot be divided, and no compromise is allowed on sovereignty issues. China has sufficient strength to solve the Taiwan Strait and South China Sea issues, and there is no need for or will allow any external interference.On top of that, the US and Japan did something even more outrageous and ridiculous during the talks, denouncing China’s nuclear policy.I really want to ask the United States, is the face still there?How dare you point fingers at China.It is well known to all countries in the world that the United States has been strengthening its nuclear force and has invested countless amounts in it. In addition to its nuclear force, the United States has also deployed missile systems in many parts of the world. It is well known to all people in the world that the United States is the biggest security threat in the world.For some time, the two countries have made irresponsible remarks on China’s internal affairs on various occasions. The PEOPLE’s Liberation Army (PLA) sent 39 fighter jets to carry out routine police patrols in the airspace southwest of Taiwan. This is China’s response to the US provocations.Separately, a Chinese foreign ministry spokesman was quick to say that the United States, which has spent trillions of dollars to strengthen its nuclear Arsenal, is the world’s biggest security threat.Looking around the world, especially after the pandemic, the US has only a few dog-legged boys like Japan, while China has many like-minded friends.As the saying goes, those who have the right way will be helped more than those who have the wrong way. Countries around the world have already voted with practical actions, and no matter how much the United States and Japan dance, they will only be happy with themselves in the end.Then again, it’s weird how Japan was willing to do what the US said it wanted to do after all the casualties it caused with its nuclear bombs.But we advise Japan to weigh its weight or end up as cannon fodder.