Pay attention!This year, these railways will strive to start construction and reserve construction

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Among the key projects or tasks in various regions this year, we can see railway construction plans in the field of infrastructure construction. In addition to the construction projects, a number of lines for construction and reserve construction also attract attention.It is disappointing that many of these projects are still seeking or reserving railway lines that were previously planned to start construction.Next, let’s take a look at which lines are for construction or reserve construction of the railway!Shanghai rail transit planning Shanghai, from the list of major construction projects this year, we can see that the railway reserve projects are, Shanghai Zha-hang railway (pudong railway electrification transformation), Jinping intercity line, Shanghai Demonstration Zone line, jiamin line north extension of the city line, the city line south Maple line.In addition, new rail-related projects are planned to start a high-speed railway from Shanghai to Nanjing to Hefei.According to the three-year Rolling Advance Plan for the Preliminary Work of Key Transportation Projects in Jiangsu Province from 2022 to 2024, in addition to the north Yanjiang High-speed railway, Tongsujialongyong High-speed Railway, Yantai Xi-Yicheng intercity railway, and Suzhou-Xizhou-Changzhou Intercity Taicang pilot section, which are scheduled to start construction this year,Yangzhen Ningzhou-Horse railway Zhenjiang to Maanshan section, Weifang to Suqian railway, Hefei to Suqian railway Sixian to Suqian section are planned to be approved in September, preliminary design approval in October, strive to start work in December;The river crossing of Sheung Yuen Mun railway is planned to be approved in August, and the preliminary design will be approved in September, and construction will start in November.2023 strive to start the chang-Tai railway, such as tongsuhu railway, Suzhou-Xi-Chang intercity railway, water tourism line, Ningxuan railway and so on.Gansu province this year’s key tasks mentioned, strive to start xining to Chengdu gansu section, Pingliang to Qingyang railway.Shanxi Province this year in the railway traffic, and strive to start is taiyuan railway hub passenger transport channel capacity improvement project.In the list of major projects in Shandong province in 2022, three railways, including weifang to Suqian section of Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway Auxiliary channel, Tsingtao to Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway Auxiliary channel railway project, and Dongjiakou to Yishui Railway, are major preparatory projects.Sichuan province this year’s key tasks mentioned to strive for the west chongqing high-speed railway with construction conditions, there is also a railway worth mentioning, it is miansui inner railway.Sichuan province doesn’t have the line in its pipeline this year, but Mianyang city plans to start work on the railway in December over a five-year period, according to a list of major transportation projects this year.At present miansui inner railway has been pre-feasibility study, feasibility study report and relevant requirements are being prepared.Chongqing, which also belongs to the southwest region, has mentioned to strive to start the Railway from Wuxi to Fengjie in terms of reserve projects.Although the south China Credit Union high-speed Railway is still trying to be included in the “14th Five-year Plan” of China’s railway, Henan province clearly regards the preliminary work of the south China Credit Union high-speed railway as the key work this year, and strives to start the construction of the first section this year.In the high-speed railway along the Yangtze River, according to the plan of the Yangtze River Railway Group, the hefei-Wuhan section will start construction within this year.Wuhan hub direct line, strive for feasibility study and environmental assessment approval as soon as possible, the control of baishazhou rail-highway bridge as the first section of the Yangtze River will be started as soon as possible within this year;The Yichang to Fuling high-speed railway will strive to apply for approval in the first quarter of the feasibility study and realize the construction of the control project in advance within the year.Guangqingyong High-speed railway, although the State Railway Group and Hunan, Guangdong, the two provinces on the railway is intercity function or channel function positioning in China’s “14th five-year” railway development plan, there are differences, but Qingyuan said it will strive for the support of Guangdong province to start construction within this year.As for the xiongshang high-speed railway, according to the heze Traffic Bureau’s evaluation report on the implementation of “Heze Comprehensive Transportation Network medium and long term (2021-2035) and the” fourteenth Five-year “Development Plan, heze section is progressing smoothly at present and striving to start construction in 2022.In addition, for the High-speed railway from Tianjin to Weifang, although Shandong province has listed it as a key project planned to start this year, Dongying city said when referring to the high-speed railway, although the project feasibility study has been approved, but there are many uncertain factors in the start of the whole line within this year.At present, Shandong Province and China Railway Group have agreed to start the control project — Dongying Huanghe Railway Bridge in advance. Therefore, the bridge or the project most likely to be started this year of The Jinwei high-speed railway, the actual construction of the whole line still needs efforts.(Pictures from the network, part of the railway construction planning, if there is infringement, please contact to delete!)This article is originally created by @Shihuai, welcome to pay attention to, let us pay attention to China’s high-speed rail and other railway development trends!