In 1935, Maotai was out of stock when it entered the market, which caused the “silver carp effect” and ignited a new war with a thousand yuan price

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Jiuyejia360 liquor industry team (ID: jiuyejia360) “The overall sales of liquor during the Spring Festival show a trend of recovery, the sales rate of products with a price of 1,000 yuan is much higher than other products, especially Maotai 1935, the channel is very hot, many places are out of stock.”In the wine industry of the Year of the Tiger Spring Festival liquor marketing market research (details click on the link “famous wine competition, sauce wine cold, low-end box wine withdrawal from the township, the Year of the Tiger Spring Festival liquor marketing differentiation intensified?Similarly, shen wan hongyuan securities in a recent article about the Spring Festival liquor pin research report pointed out that: during the Spring Festival, from the prices, there is increased in high-end wine stability, price stability, at five, national pit 1573 high-end price of one thousand yuan with products such as in the case of maintaining price stability has realized the pin growth, expected income is expected to achieve double-digit growth.After moutai 1573 was listed, it was sought after by channels and consumers, and the corresponding price of real opening demand was about 1000 yuan, which was already very good.Dealers are generally optimistic about maotai 1935 as a thousand yuan price with maotai-fragrance product development prospects, but the current supply is also tight.All sorts of signs make clear, MAO Tai enters the market 1935 the phenomenon that sell like hot sale brings is out of stock, be like “chub fish” especially, stirred a pool of spring water that baijiu thousand yuan price takes.Yang Guang, chairman of Beijing Zhengone Strategy Consulting, believes that with the involvement of Moutai, the 1,000-yuan price band will be a hot spot in 2022, and will also become a strategic price segment in the competition between top brands of soy wine and famous wines.Under the demand of consumption upgrading and the transformation of high quality of liquor industry at the industrial level, 1000 yuan price band products have become the layout point and power point of many liquor brands.In recent years, after Moutai opened the 1000 yuan price ceiling, the 1000 yuan price belt has brought continuous expansion of the dividend.While Wuliangye, Luzhou Laojiao and other national famous wines occupy the thousand yuan price belt, on the one hand, Xi Wine, Guotai, Diaoyutai wine, Zhen wine and other sauce wine brands have entered the thousand yuan price belt;On the other hand, regional leaders are also closely staring at this market, following today’s shiyuan, four special wine, Xifeng wine, Yangshao and other brands add thousands of yuan file, Baiyun Edge launched at the end of 2019 pricing 1266 yuan/bottle of high-end new, Niulanshan launched in 2021 pricing 1598 yuan/bottle of Quisheng new.To seize a thousand yuan price belt, seems to have become a well-known wine enterprises consensus.At present, in the thousand yuan price band of liquor, in addition to the dominant Puwu and Guojiao 1573, Junpinxi wine, blue hualang, Neisen wine, Fenjiu blue and white 30 revival version and other products also have a good performance.Maotai’s entry into the bureau, or will become a liquor thousand yuan with a new variable.For Moutai, moutai 1935, priced at about 1000 yuan, is a structured product.Flying maotai, with maotai maotai-flavor liquor series, maotai 1935 in between, like played a key role.In the above research report, Ping An Securities believes that the listing of Maotai 1935 will open the ceiling of maotai maotai-fragrant series of wine development, and also better drive the development of flying Maotai and Maotai series of wine.It is understood that maotai 1935 factory price is 798 yuan/bottle, retail guide price is 1188 yuan/bottle.However, the wine has been sold at a premium on e-commerce terminals, with prices ranging from 1,600 yuan to 1,800 yuan.Ping An Securities once pointed out in a research report that today’s liquor market with a price band of 3000 yuan has been firmly controlled by Moutai, but there are still blank products with a price band of 1000 yuan and no brands with absolute competitive advantages have emerged. Moutai’s listing in 1935 will largely cause fierce competition in the high-end market.”Moutai’s entry is clearly a blow for dimension reduction!”Industry observers say Moutai will put pressure on the market share of various liquor companies in the 1,000 yuan price band.Yang Guang believes that, with the entry of Maotai, will be more mature 1000 yuan price belt, with the price segment of the strong Wuliangye, guojiao 1573 to achieve expansion, stimulate the vitality of 1000 yuan price belt.According to Euromonitor, the market size of high-end baijiu was about 101.1 billion yuan in 2019;By 2029, the market size of high-end liquor will reach 160 billion yuan, with an average annual growth rate of 4.70%.China Merchants Bank and Bain & Company jointly released the “China Private Wealth Report 2021”, showing that the annual compound growth rate of high net worth population increased from 12% in 2016-2018 to 15% in 2018-2020.It can be seen that the thousand yuan price with the product completely has the crowd, market and scale basis.”Before 2012, the liquor industry enjoyed a demographic dividend;After 2016, the liquor industry has begun to reach the incremental ceiling of scale expansion, enjoying more structural dividends, just like jumping from the ‘elevator mode’ to the ‘rock climbing mode’ to constantly looking for a grip.Driven by Maotai, the price of high-end wine has moved up the ceiling, and industry growth has been driven by price rises. The price belt of 1000 yuan has naturally become the focus of liquor enterprises.””Said Huang Wenheng, founder of Henghan Strategy Consulting.Similarly, Fujian wine merchant Xue Zong mentioned that from 2018 to 2020, China’s liquor production capacity decreased from 87.112 million liters to 740.73 million liters, but the overall sales revenue increased from 536.383 billion yuan to 583.639 billion yuan. “In this context, the trend of brand centralization is getting stronger and stronger.In many regional markets, the local price belt has moved up year by year. In this round of slot war, wine enterprises actively layout the thousand yuan price belt, which can not only open the gap with other competitors, but also feedback to other low-price belt products, and drive its price up.In addition, brand management experts and consulting Ma Fei chairman told wine home nine degrees, as the consumption upgrade and brand concentration of two-way push, reveals the importance of brand value index is price, with one thousand yuan prices have to distinguish the liquor brand force of a watershed, also examining brand can ascend higher “litmus test”,This has entered the phenomenon of 1000 yuan price belt.But it’s important to note that consumers end up choosing products with higher value, not flashy ones.1000 yuan price belt has apparently become a “fertile” zone, but this “fertile soil”, may not be able to carry too much brand.In the short term, the “blockade” of national famous wine enterprises on the price of 1000 yuan undoubtedly limits the “ceiling” in a sense for the upgrading of the product structure of regional famous wine.However, the competition between the national famous wine in the 1000 yuan price band is still not sufficient, especially maotai 1935 was just in its infancy, which also means that regional famous wine enterprises, sauce wine enterprises and so on still have the market space to play in the 1000 yuan price.In the long run, the price of 1000 yuan with the trend of product concentration is irreversible.”From the developed countries and our country mature consumer goods experience shows, most consumer goods will eventually form a pattern of oligopoly competition, once the oligopoly form, pricing power in the hands of a few leading enterprises, the profit margin will be maintained and ascend, thereby continuously enjoy bonus dividend, Matthew effect obviously, the strong stronger, leading to improved profitability.”Huang Wenheng believes that the future 1000 yuan price band products may present “1+2+N” or “3+2+N” pattern.This situation has been reflected in the soy wine category.”For maotai-flavor category, consumer is first of all know maotai, then for maotai prices higher, overflow to The Times demand high-end price band, its pricing logic mainly bring down prices, now a lot of wine sauce product price is much higher than one thousand yuan, but the actual price can stand few thousands of yuan product, there may be more brand chose to avoid the subsequent price band,Like luzhouxiang, puwu and guojiao 1573 form dislocation competition.”An agent who did not want to be named said to the wine industry.”There are about six or seven big items that consumers can really remember in each price segment, and the rest are for specific scenarios and specific consumer groups.”A person in charge of a chain believes that there are not many large single products at the price of 1000 yuan, and the future may be more subdivided. For example, there are 3-4 representative products in the price band of 1000-1500 yuan, and 1-2 representative products in the price band of 1500-2000 yuan. These products will occupy 70% of the market share in the price band.The rest of the products positioned in that price segment share the remaining market share.”Regardless of whether they can achieve something in the 1000 yuan price range, wine companies should actively try.”If we can take a certain share, we can strengthen the barrier of high-end products.”Huang wenheng said.