Dalian 4 days after the training, Tong Lei +3 foreign aid absence jose continue to coach?The defensive core has not been renewed

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Dalian training 4 days later, Tong Lei +3 foreign aid absence, Jose to continue coaching?The new season of the Chinese Super League (CSL), which will begin in late April, is crucial for the teams in the LEAGUE, and the stock reform is the top priority.At present, there are unknowns in most of the 18 teams in the Super league, among which Dalian is a team on the sidelines, because there is no news of the Hebei team’s share reform, which makes the possibility of dalian to fill back to the Super league greatly increased.Dalian people this winter window also has the problem of share reform, boss Wang came to Dalian before also said that he would continue to support Dalian football.Dalian will start training on February 16, four days later, which is not too late.Dalian people now in accordance with the standard for preparation, the team is facing a lot of problems.This time the training camp three foreign aid larsen, danielson and boateng will be absent.After the relegation came larsson’s release from the team, but there is no definite news at present, in the foreign aid allocation of Dalian people to wait for whether to return to the Chinese super League after making a decision.If dalian can return to the Chinese Super League in the new season, the three foreign players are expected to stay in the team, domestic players tong Lei will also be absent from the winter training because of the national team training.Tong lei’s level is beyond doubt, he is also a hot player in the transfer market, whether playing in the Chinese Super League or China a, Dalian people need to keep him.After the demotion can not be broken, retain a complete lineup, the new season even if Dalian people play in China is very competitive, as a national foot tong Lei’s level has been confirmed.Tao Qianglong, Zhao Jianbo and other players will also be absent from the under-21 national team training camp, tao Qianglong will not have much time to rest after the end of the season.Training with the under-23 national team and then with the UNDER-21 training camp, Tao was a key attacking player on the wing last season.Every year since the start of the 2018 season, dalian has faced the problem of coaches not being available on time, and this season is still the same.At present, Dalian coach Jose has not dismissed, jose does not exclude in the new season to continue to coach Dalian, the demotion of Dalian jose is undoubtedly a great responsibility.In that case, theoretically, he should be dismissed, but there has been no official announcement of jose’s departure.In this time of the training camp, Dalian people still have several players who have not renewed their contract will attend.Due to the undecided reason of share reform, the renewal work is suspended. The contract of dong Yanfeng, the core of the defensive line, is also due. Dalian people should seize the time to renew the contract.The 4 promoted horses in the Chinese Super league are big in recruiting. Dalian people want to prevent opponents from digging horns. Dong Yanfeng is also a player cultivated by Dalian people.After several poor seasons, Dong has gradually emerged as the core of the team’s defensive line.Every year is a turning point for Dalian football. Ideally, dalian people can return to the Chinese Super League in the next season, and Wanda continues to invest steadily.Major changes such as manager and foreign signings will probably not be made until March.