Attention | Chongqing Community pension service innovation research camp has started to recruit

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The 14th Five-year Plan of Chongqing Pension Service System Construction (2021-2025) clearly proposes to upgrade the service network of “center + station” and build a three-level pension service platform of “street pension service center + community pension service station + community pension service point” with clear levels, complementary functions and regional linkage.We will improve the function of community elderly care services, encourage street elderly care service centers to play their functions of comprehensive services and regional overall planning and guidance, support community elderly care stations to improve auxiliary services such as day care, rehabilitation care and home visits, and encourage embedded community elderly care institutions to play the complementary function of professional community elderly care.At present, most of the street pension service centers in Chongqing have begun to explore the service mode of “center and station”, and community pension service stations have been preliminarily built and put into use. A number of social organizations undertake community pension service projects to jointly promote the quality of multi-level pension service supply.However, street endowment service center in promoting community endowment service site to carry out the old-age service, face the shortage of socialization of community endowment service operation, lack of social organization for refining and summarizes the pension service model, the overall level 3 endowment service platform did not achieve effective communication, complementary functions and regional linkage and other challenges.Based on this, under the guidance of the Pension Service Office of Chongqing Civil Affairs Bureau, Chongqing University funded yiyou Public Welfare Development Center in Nanan District of Chongqing to jointly design and launch the Community pension Service Innovation research Camp.What is the Community Elderly Service Innovation Research Camp?The project aims to recruit a number of ongoing community endowment service pension services, social organization, around how pension service center station “” street” social community endowment service station in operation “” community endowment service station how to effectively promote family endowment” three major themes, through field studies the way to create a workshop +,Learn from the experience and typical practices of community elderly care service construction, and create a new model and new highlights of community elderly care service.What can you get out of a graduate school camp?1.To understand the construction of the pension service system in Chongqing and the whole country, and improve the industry vision;2.To study the practical experience, typical practices and failure lessons of many institutions inside and outside the city in community elderly care service;3.Create a new model of community elderly care service with a number of institutions with senior experience in the field of elderly care service, and constantly summarize and optimize their own existing service model;4.Share research materials and related results of the research team, including but not limited to one set of Chongqing community pension service product set and one set of Chongqing Community pension service operation manual;5.Chongqing University can select 3-5 interns for each member organization to complete a project service observation report, which includes but is not limited to refining the project service model.Who can participate in the graduate school camp?1.At present, social organizations have undertaken the operation projects of town and street pension service centers, community pension service stations and village mutual assistance pension centers;Or social organizations that are currently implementing community elderly service projects;2.At present, the elderly care institutions (especially enterprises) that undertake the town and street elderly care service centers;3.Experts and scholars interested in community elderly care services.1. Core community personnel: 20 Recruitment requirements: (1) Have rich practical experience in community elderly care service field;(2) Those who keep an open and sharing mentality and are willing to fully share their own experience and exploration path;(3) Students who can guarantee the full participation in 10 research camp activities.2. Second-level community staff: 80-100 Recruitment requirements: (1) Interested in community elderly care service field;(2) Follow the arrangement of the research camp, and can finish the relevant materials and research thinking on time;(3) Respect the intellectual property rights of other co-created institutions in the camp and do not maliciously copy the original projects of other institutions.Registration time of research information: from now on to 18:00 on April 16, 2022. The selected list will be announced before 18:00 on April 24, 2022. Duration of joint research: May 2022 to December 2022.Study fee: once selected, successful applicants will be offered free admission.In case of field study in or out of the city, students should pay for transportation, accommodation and accommodation in addition to teaching costs.Copyright Notice: In addition to the original content and special instructions, the text and pictures of the pushed manuscript are from the Internet and major mainstream media.The copyright belongs to the original author.If you think the content is infringing, please contact us to delete.