A third shipment of U.S. military aid has arrived in Ukraine

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A plane carrying US military aid lands at Brispol International Airport in Kiev, Ukraine, On January 25, 2008.This is the third shipment of arms to arrive in Ukraine under the $200 million U.S. military aid package.These supplies mainly consist of weapons and ammunition and will be provided to the Ukrainian armed forces.A plane carrying U.S. military aid lands at Brispol International Airport in Brispol, Ukraine, on January 25.Ukraine’s armed forces have increased by 11,000, Ukrainian Defense Minister Andrei Reznikov said Monday, adding that a command for Ukraine’s territorial defense forces has been established.He called on Ukrainians to remain calm.The US Defence Department says it has put some 8,500 troops on “high alert” in response to tensions along the border with Ukraine.Russia said it was closely watching the latest moves by the US on Ukraine.Photo taken on Jan. 25, 2019 shows a warning sign in Luhansk, Ukraine.Hundreds of children were used as human shields by militants in gwayran prison in northern Syria after US-backed Kurdish militias opened fire on the prison during a stand-off.At least 120 people have been killed in the fighting.The Guardian, The New York Times and other media reported that the attack took place on Sunday (local time) at the prison, where more than 700 children and teenagers are housed.The head of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces said many of the child prisoners had been killed or wounded.Fighters from the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces stand guard at a checkpoint in Hasakeh, Syria, on Jan. 24.Twenty-three people on board the USS Adelaide, a naval vessel carrying aid to Tonga, have tested positive for COVID-19, Australian Defence Minister Peter Dutton said on Thursday.With Tonga currently free of the virus, the two governments are now discussing how to safely transport the aid.Soldiers board the Australian Navy ship HMS Adelaide as it prepares to deliver relief supplies to Tonga in Brisbane, Australia, On January 20.On 24 January, the UK ended its Fall/Winter Response Plan B, or backup plan, for the response to the Novel Coronavirus strain of Omicron.People in England are no longer required to wear masks or work from home, and proof of COVID-19 vaccination is no longer mandatory for people to enter congregate areas.Morning rush hour commuters walk at Waterloo Tube station in London, England, On January 24.Us Coast Guard officers are searching for 39 people missing off the coast of Florida January 25, the US Coast Guard said.The Coast Guard suspects 39 people are missing after a smuggling boat capsized off the coast of Florida.At least 19 people were killed in a fire at a nightclub in Sorong, West Papua, in Indonesia, police said Monday.A police officer drags a suitcase outside the nightclub where a fire broke out in Sorong, West Papua, Indonesia, On January 25.People stay warm near bonfires in northern India on January 25 as a cold wave hits parts of the country.According to the Indian Meteorological Department, minimum temperatures are likely to drop by 2 to 3 degrees in many parts of The country from January 25 to 28.A blizzard hits Denver, Colorado, the United States, Jan. 25, 2019.Heavy snowfall hit many parts of Turkey on Thursday, closing highways, cancelling flights and cutting power supplies in some areas.At least one person died and 38 others were injured in traffic accidents caused by heavy snow.In Istanbul and Ankara, the capital, heavy snow continued from Saturday to Wednesday night.Heavy snow on roads and long traffic jams.The “Why China” exhibition, directed by the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, opened at the Wenyuan Pavilion of the Palace Museum in Beijing on Jan 25.More than 130 pieces/sets of precious cultural relics are displayed in this exhibition, including stone tools, ceramics, jade, bronze ware, gold and silver ware and other categories, which are divided into three units: “source”, “flow” and “sink”.Visitors view changxin Palace Lanterns on display in Beijing, capital of China, Jan. 25, 2019.The tiger symbol of Doctor Bi on display.Engraved tortoiseshell on display.Column editor: Zhou Yanjie The author of this article is Zhu l