War outbreak | longyan prison: “epidemic” line “p” color The whole heart for the people

2022-06-04 0 By

In order to ensure the safety and health of the people, and thoroughly implement the arrangements and deployment of the Longyan Municipal Party Committee and Government on epidemic prevention and control, Longyan Prison responded positively and took practical actions to prevent and control the epidemic.In the face of the new situation of epidemic prevention and control, the prison quickly organized a volunteer service team to go to the front line of nucleic acid testing in the community and fully assist the community to carry out nucleic acid testing.On that day, the prison’s party members and staff members followed the community’s command and guided the people waiting for the test in the rainstorm.Some assisted the people in the registration area to input information, some assisted the medical staff to complete various logistics and disinfection work, some helped the vulnerable groups to register, some patiently reminded the elderly to wear masks, helped push wheelchairs and baby carriages, dedicated to serving the people……Sweat and rain soaked clothes, but we still stick to the post with high morale, to show the speed of dragon prison, dragon prison responsibility, dragon prison power in practical action.”Guard a pass, to protect the good one city, the outbreak is not retreated, we don’t retreat”, in the battle the disease, longyan prison three inspect the young police assault squad for disease resistance youth, community in the grass, after the total nucleic acid testing for volunteer service, to an old monk and a little “” family, volunteers assist in residential property in a building a building door-to-door notification,Community workers and residents have been praised.In the anti-epidemic scene, we can see prison police wearing “volunteer red” to serve the masses. They witness the original aspiration with struggle, and interpret the feelings of the people with sweat.(Huang Chunlei, Huang Zhongyu, ZHANG Qing, Li Faqian, Qu Linjie, Su Jiaxiang)