“True Story” two T’s of 6 years, out of the closet, super sweet

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01TTL is not a crime, why many people will use words to attack us, said that there can not be true love between two T, it looks very awkward, with two men together no difference…Xiao Tian and I have been together for 6 years. She is T and I am T.Since videos of our daily lives were posted online, there has been a flood of admiration and a flood of abuse.There were all kinds of harsh words. When I told Xiao Tian, she said it was ok, they were not scolding us, but this group, just to find their sense of existence, why respond to them?Although xiaotian is very ye, but the heart is very fine, she is not like the surface looks so ye, life will often fierce woman type act in pettish.When I don’t want to do dishes, clothes or housework, I would hang on my back and say I have a pain in my back and hand. She pretended to feel pain and looked funny and angry.Well, when I was halfway through cleaning up all by myself, she would creep up on me and say, “Well, well, I must leave this job to the princess alone. Well, I must shout, as she helped me to the sofa to rest.Once, ON my mother’s birthday, I didn’t know what to give her as a present. “Don’t be afraid,” said Xiao Tian with proud pride. “She has already prepared everything.”I found out later.She had started her search a month in advance without telling me, and I kept thinking she had forgotten.Due to the epidemic, I have not been home for more than half a year. When I was video-chatting with my mother, I said I missed her and I would go home sometime.As a result, a few days later.Xiao Tian said early in the morning to get up and set out. When I said where to go, she said I was homesick and went home. I woke up half asleep and was moved to a broken state.I look very nice, but I have a strong personality. I never give in when ARGUING. Afterwards, I began to be upset about this, for fear of hurting Xiao Tian.But she always throws in the towel, saying there’s no point in a relationship if both are fighting.As long as it doesn’t involve the bottom line, immoral kidnapping, and personal assault, she doesn’t think it’s a big deal, and EVERY time I’m moved by her generosity.Our clothes were always mixed together. She was a little heavier than me but about the same height, except that most of her clothes were men’s and mine were women’s.Sometimes I would dislike her choice of clothes color, except black gray is white, sometimes a style will have three different colors, she felt convenient.My clothes have several pink, even with some lace and so on, she will despise too niang, never touch, sometimes I sulk, she will wear pink clothes in my eyes crazy crazy dance, I laugh as a group, she quickly took off clothes, while taking off while teasing, goose bumps are fast up.She likes to play the guitar, but always out of tune. She explained that this is my preference. She is such a serious person, but in fact, she is very serious.Every time I am unhappy, she will use all kinds of strange ways to make me happy.Sometimes, I will ask her, love I will not be very tired ah?She’ll say tired, super tired, fat!Serious time she would say, really love a person how tired?Being in love is the easiest thing to do!In the fourth year with Xiao Tian, I came out to my family. My parents didn’t resist as much as they expected, but they still felt sad for a long time.Since the childhood memories, my love for parents, with small sweet love affairs write long articles, to me they look, just want to let them know that I choose not wrong, since on this road, I will respect her own nature, not reluctant to marry, not in order to meet the expectations of parents do a man to deceive yourself.Life is short and I only want to live it once for myself.After coming out of the closet, Xiao Tian’s love for me deepened. She said she would not let me down. She also talked with my parents many times, and I could feel their love for Xiao Tian, and also feel Xiao Tian’s love for them.Before coming out of the closet, Xiao Tian was always worried about how to deal with my parents’ objection and how to break off relations with me. Fortunately, my parents were very open-minded and did not directly deny her as a daughter like her parents, which was also the deep wound in Xiao Tian’s heart. I always avoided touching it and told my parents to give more love to Xiao Tian.After all, she’s part of our family now!We are people who can’t hide our feelings, so we should deal with emotions in a simpler way. We should express our feelings directly and not be afraid of hurting each other.The most afraid is not to talk, always let the other party guess.Sometimes I sulk.Xiao Tian would be quiet as a sheep, but would always rub against me, without saying a word, just rub against me, WHEN I asked her to go away, she would pretend to roll a few times and then roll back.She knew I was emotionally sensitive and needed hugs and kisses.So she never really walked away, always waiting within touching distance of me.In bed, we were equally happy with each other all the time.She never feel a T must attack, in front of friends will be bold to admit that they can attack can suffer, not to face say some words against one’s heart!She is a very open-minded person. She will not define herself, let alone restrict herself by others’ framework. She will only feel everything in the present according to her true feelings.So, when she faced the gossip, super calm.However, I have poor digestion ability, so I often care about other people’s improper remarks. When I see those who scold us, I feel very uncomfortable. When I comfort and encourage others, I feel very happy.Xiao Tian will often hug me and say, learn to ignore the people and things that make you unhappy, there is no need to waste time on them!It was really awkward when we went to the bathroom outside. Sometimes the outspoken old lady would say, “Boy, you are going the wrong way. This is the ladies’ room!”Little sweet will smile and say aunt, we are girls, is a girl, did not go wrong!Sometimes when we wash our hands after going to the toilet, people who have just come in will go out again and look up at the sign and find they are right. Xiaotian will smile and say, “There is no doubt that this is a women’s toilet, we are also women!”Every time will encounter the same situation, resulting in I do not love to go outside to go to the toilet, xiao Sweet is no matter, would rather be misunderstood thousands of times, will not hold urine, and I, the first thing after going home is always fly to the toilet!I asked Xiao Tian who was the groom when she got married?She said it must have been her, and she just picked me up and spun me around, and when she put me down, she gasped and said how romantic it was.I said THAT I could make this kind of romance, and I was about to pick her up, but with great effort, she did not move, but she was under the body.Xiao Tian touched my hair and said, “When are you going to have your hair cut?I said you’re gonna grow your hair out this time?She incredibly say is not like long hair?I said I’d still be happy to have long hair if you would marry me!She ruthlessly kissed me and said yes, I would like to marry you immediately!In fact, we are really happy together, I talked about P, but in the end either married or too.After xiao Tian and I got together, we seldom had emotional troubles. We spent more time on improving ourselves, taking walks, watching dramas, eating delicious food, watching sunsets and exercising.Who says this is not a greater happiness!