The immortal emperor: Search the celestial que!

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Zhang Ruochen this time is really anxious, is no magic heart, nine dead different is to see a will catch him once;What’s more, this time he is holding the person’s body in his hand, which is the business of breaking the person’s practice!Run and can’t run, can you not worry?Look at the flying fish, fish are not in a hurry!Still three days of fishing, two days of drying nets;Every three breaks a more, leisurely leisurely zai!The key is feng Caiyi dont know Zhang Ruochen holding nine dead different magic heart ah!Still taking it for granted that this can’t happen, that can’t happen!She was completely unaware that Zhang Ruochen was on fire!Even now, it is a long distance from the deserted city to the Valley of white clothes. When it comes, Feng Caiyi leads the way, taking the ancient god road, which is a shortcut!Can Zhang Ruochen still know this shortcut?By the ancient abandoned city is to stop nine dead, in the hands of zhang Ruochen do not know the devil heart, phoenix day is not active and nine dead different hard just!In other words, the nine dead will return to the deserted city.It’s going to be a fight.An officer will say, according to the phoenix day said to find a day of basking, angry day, and even haotian;These are distant waters, which cannot quench the immediate thirst!Zhang Ruochen should be able to run out first!Not if you don’t have a demon in your hand.Rob zun’s limit now is to build twenty-two days of heaven, equivalent to the level of the peak of the early stage of the immortal bar, are not necessarily able to play the phoenix day.Want to explode somebody else nine dead different is not dead, chaos old ancestor afraid destroyed the foundation of his own home, nine dead different can not be afraid!If the fish want to let the top continue to live, eat the boruo flower, home to death and later life, with one stroke to break through to the ninety-fourth order spirit, become half ancestor, then let Zhang Ruochen run, over the Valley of white clothes, back to Kunlun, all the way!I’m afraid the fish won’t be so perfect!Did not see the New Year’s Eve on the whole out of the “first seven”, it is not disturbing?I haven’t written this, because I’m afraid the New Year will upset me.Now three days have passed before I dare mention it.This is the fish to inoculate us!Then fight!The idea of playing while retreating is a little unrealistic, unless nine dead different by taigu injured not light, and then by phoenix day press box bottom of the trick to beat the disabled.It is very likely that they were forced to return to the sky below the qing Xu Dian, there is a big honour “cherish life stop” in front of the threat, phoenix days previously has explored a section of road after, or can give them a little chance to escape.I have always said that the Dark Pit is zhang Ruochen’s blessed land!The first time to harvest the pot full pot full!This is just a little bit of a breakthrough in the realm, ah!And big respect disguised to remind the inside of his good things;Phoenix day also mention point, practice gas man’s site a lot of good things;Say again, phoenix day’s injury also can’t suffer in vain is not?This deep of darkness would not be complete without some advantage in the Heavenly Que!In particular, in such a sinister environment, and phoenix days deep cultivation of feelings, and then spread a wave of dog food…Toward the sky que below the formation is the first ancestor arrangement, can not destroy the peak, just can suppress nine dead different master.Haven’t seen yan Wushen and Zhang Ruochen play together for a long time!Yuansheng, the emperor of yuandao clan, has sent his subordinate Yuan Jieyi to hunt down Yan Wushen.In yan’s absence, there is no safer place in the dark than chao Tian Que.If nothing else, the battle below the Choutianque will be the next thing to watch.The weak chicken is so cute!Then search the Sky!Very looking forward to the dark trip, Zhang Ruochen five elements solidified, can formally break through to the big comfortable early, at least in front of the peak of the immortal and the ability to escape!