Out of the shadows!The TVB star made a cake for his girlfriend, after a drunk driving incident

2022-06-04 0 By

Yang Ming, a 40-year-old Hong Kong artist, had an accident in a summer night last year (2020). At that time, after this news was revealed, many netizens were talking about it.As a result of the incident, Yang Ming was charged with careless driving, insufficient light penetration of the vehicle’s doors and Windows, and refusing to take a blood sample.Yang Ming’s traffic accident case can be said to have been delayed from the second half of the previous year to the end of last year, which can be said to be about a year’s time, and is finally closed.Yang Ming was found guilty of careless driving and sentenced to 18 days in jail, a two-year suspension and a $3,000 fine. His acting work has also been suspended while he works on the case.In this period of about a year, Yang Ming can be considered to have been “hidden” by TVB, and on his social platform, he has become less updated, but also has been secluded, I believe that Yang Ming in this period of time is also a good reflection on himself.Until recently, Yang Ming gradually re-active on the social platform, seems to be out of the haze of the traffic accident case, earlier in the Spring Festival, zhuang Siming, his girlfriend had shared a video of Yang Ming on the social platform.From the short film at that time, we can see Yang Ming’s mental state is very good, but compared to the earlier he, whether face shape or body shape, are obviously a circle of thin.At the same time, it was valentine’s day a few days ago, Yang Ming still shared the photo with his girlfriend on the social platform, the implementation of the open flash, and in the birthday of his girlfriend Zhuang Siming yesterday, Yang Ming still is more for the other side personally concocted a birthday cake, it is very hard.In the shared photo, we can see that Yang Ming made a chocolate cake with Zhuang siming’s English name “Lisa” on it. Although the cake style is relatively simple, it is full of love for the two.She said, “This birthday is really a nice surprise, because I never thought you would make a cake for me. Thank you for making this little surprise for me. It is really delicious for my first time making chocolate cake.”Indeed from Zhuang Siming’s words, it is possible to feel that her surprise for Yang Ming is happy from the heart, simple and romantic.And for Zhuang Siming’s birthday this year, it is her own casual birthday, because she did not make up, did not wear beautiful clothes, a face of makeup and a home clothes, is zhuang Siming’s birthday Look this year.Although this year’s birthday zhuang Siming did not have the past “bright”, but sometimes plain at home to spend a simple birthday, also do not have a taste.As for when such a sweet non two people can “pull the skylight”, in the earlier Siming zhuang also said to the outside world is expected to be at the end of this year, but then it depends on the situation, if still can not put a banquet, it can only be signed first.In the end, here is also the hope that in the New Year, Zhuang Siming and Yang Ming can have a new start, as the saying goes, the New Year new atmosphere, I wish them both career or emotional, can have a satisfactory result!