How crazy is a Southern New Year’s Dinner?Table 7, in particular, took a month to prepare

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The Spring Festival, the New Year’s Eve dinner is the highlight, the North Chinese New Year, many people are in advance of the home is a lot of dumplings, steamed several POTS of large steamed bread, the Spring Festival do not have to busy cooking.Southerners can be different, the excitement of the New Year, incisively and vividly surface now on the New Year’s Eve dinner!How crazy is a Southern New Year’s Dinner?To put it this way, many people start preparing for this New Year’s Eve dinner a month in advance.With wechat, we have sent the New Year’s Eve dinner in the circle of friends, all the year round, this meal is the most able to take hands!Also leave a good memory!Looking at these New Year’s eve dinners, it feels like there is a chef hidden in every house.The tables are so sumptuous and exquisite, especially the last table, really prepared for a whole month!Let’s see how crazy southern Chinese food is. In ordinary days, people are more frugal, but during Chinese New Year, they don’t blink when they spend money.My little niece said years ago to accompany grandma to buy food, with the sack back, grandma saw what all want to buy, can’t stop the rhythm!The rhythm of the New Year’s Eve dinner is to empty the refrigerator!Look, years ago sold more than 60 shrimp, more than 100 lobsters, more than 90 a jin of cherry, as long as the family like, all don’t ask the price directly take!Not to mention, the red table is quite beautiful. The old tradition is that one of the twelve dishes should not be missing, and then one more stir-fried vegetable can be started.Bowl is not enough, steamed bread!It’s all home cooked, but it’s good!The traditional marinated dishes should be prepared two days in advance, and the rest of the stir-fry should be well combined.Some people, no matter how big or small their family, have to set out eight dishes.Swimming in the water and flying in the sky, all on the table!This dish can be really hard to lele ha, the plates at home are also very beautiful it!Fried goods dessert stew steamed 1 can not be less, super sumptuous big table!If there are few people at home, I will have to eat until I go to work!Chinese New Year’s dishes, the most pay attention to the number, no matter how many dishes, the last must be a double number, chicken, duck and fish can not be a little oh, plus all kinds of fried goods, the table can not put it!Southerners are really willing to celebrate the New Year!Southerners like seafood. Look, this table has all the usual seafood!With chicken feet and stewed vegetables, which are mandatory for Chinese New Year, this big table is quite sumptuous, and the cost of this table is estimated to be several hundred. This is the traditional farmer’s New Year’s Eve dinner, with pickles and preserved meat, looking black, but it takes the most time and tastes the best.This bacon, but a month ago began to prepare!Kimchi is also prepared a week in advance. The food is so greasy that eating kimchi is a refreshing solution.No matter how much people save at ordinary times, when the Chinese New Year is also open to cook, looking at a big table, braised beef pig ears, mutton hot pot, braised chicken, braised fish, directly stacked in the small bowl above the big bowl!Now, our people’s life is getting better and better, don’t worry about eating and drinking, the Chinese New Year, figure is a festive lively, the more money the more happy!These tables are ordinary southern people’s big dishes, table table are basin full bowl full, extremely rich!I don’t think there’s gonna be a whole table!We ordinary people, the food is so crazy!How about the New Year’s Eve dinner in the north?Is it true that a bowl of dumplings is the perfect meal for New Year’s Eve?Welcome friends from the north to show your big dishes!