Guazhou network worship gathering cloud thoughts

2022-06-04 0 By

Gansu Economic network Guazhou news (new Gansu · Gansu Economic Daily correspondent Yang Wenwen, Li Zhanwei, Ma Ling) the annual spring grass green, is a year qingming.In order to meet the public’s desire to remember the martyrs and pay respects to the deceased, Guazhou county has opened an online platform to offer flowers and pray for the deceased.”During the epidemic prevention and control period, in order to protect the health and safety of myself, my family and the masses, I quite agree with the simple and green form of online sacrifice to express the missing of the deceased loved ones, and to be an advocate and disseminator of the wind of civilization.”Guazhou County Yuan Quan town guazhou Lane community residents Zhang Jing said.Facing the current serious epidemic prevention and control of the situation, to do a good job during the qingming festival martyrs, melon state county civil affairs bureau jointly the county party committee propaganda department, network office, federation of trade unions to carry out the “martyrs” green qingming, network activity, and publish the tomb-sweeping day civilization sacrifice initiative, advocating the masses to carry out the flowers online, remarks and mourn the martyrs,Set up civilization, low carbon, green, environmental protection concept of sacrifice.At the same time, in each community, each village group to take the issuance of civilized sacrifice proposal, Posting notices and propaganda banners, and actively guide the majority of residents to abandon the bad habits of sacrifice, establish a new custom of civilized sacrifice.”During the special period of epidemic prevention and control, we advocate residents to be pioneers of civilized sacrifice, participants of online sacrifice, practitioners of epidemic prevention and control, and express the memory of their loved ones in the new era and new fashion, and actively practice the new concept of green and environmental protection civilized sacrifice.”Guazhou County civil affairs Bureau deputy director Ma Liqiong said.