Good news!Another express road has been opened to traffic in Nanchang

2022-06-04 0 By

Source | Nanchang Bay Good news!Jiangxi Nanchang Qianhu Expressway (Tianning East Road to bus hub section) upgrading and transformation project, transformation completed and officially opened to traffic!Looking ahead, the newly laid asphalt pavement level wide, vehicles on the road smooth and comfortable, a broad vision.After the completion of all the construction content of qianhu Expressway, the sidewalks are neat and uniform, and the green plants on both sides and the green belt in the middle are dotted with black asphalt pavement.It is reported that the Qianhu Expressway (Tianning East Road to the bus hub section) is the main road connecting the Wanli downtown area to the Qianhu Expressway viaduct, with a total length of about 1300 meters and a width of 64.5 meters, with a total investment of 15 million yuan.Up to now, all the engineering contents in the design drawings have been completed, and it is expected to resume work after the New Year to complete the cleaning work of the project.