CCTV’s new actress Ma Fanshu: the first time to host the Spring Festival Gala, not afraid of the stage, the standard of choosing a mate exposed

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On the evening of January 31, the 2022 CCTV Year of the Tiger Spring Festival Gala arrived as scheduled. In addition to the guests, the host lineup is also an important point of interest.The Spring Festival Gala adopted the “four with one” method, which was co-hosted by four veteran hosts ren Luyu, Sa Beining, Li Sisi and Nig Maiti, leading newcomer Ma Fanshu.The appearance of Sa Beining, Nig Maiti, Ren Luyu and Li Sisi, familiar faces of the CCTV gala and popular hosts among young viewers, comes as no surprise.But how did Ma Fanshu suddenly become the host of the Gala when she had never even heard of her name?Ma, who was born in Harbin, Heilongjiang province in 1993, took part in the Hainan International Tourism Island Image Ambassador Selection show at the age of 18 and won the fourth place.Ma Fanshu entered the Broadcasting and hosting major of Communication University of China in 2012. When she was still a freshman, she signed a contract with Tencent Sports and became the first female anchor of Tencent Sports NBA program, which shows her excellence.Later, I participated in the college student host contest and won the runner-up.Since 2014, she has been the host of various sports competitions, especially the show “World Football”, which makes her popular among many fans.In July 2021, he became the host of CCTV.The CCTV sports channel has been called the Chinese soccer hostess’s appearance level ceiling.Now “The World Football”, if it were not for Ma Fanshu in the host, ratings are estimated to be a big drop.Before Ma Fanshu hosted the European Cup special program “Football Feast”, every day almost the same dress, attracted a lot of attention, become a goddess in the hearts of many fans.Although only 28 years old, and the previous host is the sports program, but Ma Fanshu to the Spring Festival Gala stage can not have stage fright, smiling, graceful, standing in the return of the Spring Festival Gala sa Beining side, height is also special match, two people full of understanding.As expected, the most beautiful are handed over to the country!Ma Fan shu a red dress, gentle smile, dignified and atmospheric, and the aura is really strong ah.This kind of stage performance, who can see this post-90s Ma Fanshu is the first time on the Spring Festival Gala, completely equal to dong Qing and Zhou Tao and other senior seniors.Shortly after the gala began, the hashtag “Mafanshu Haomei” went viral.CCTV’s female hosts are all beautiful, and the female host who can walk on the Spring Festival Gala is bound to be the best among them.In addition to her outstanding appearance, Ma fanshu is also a student with excellent academic performance. In 2012, she was admitted to the Communication University of China, majoring in Broadcasting and Hosting Art, ranking first in Heilongjiang Province.”Appearance level + strength” are online, this excellent degree is no doubt.It seems that CCTV’s “traffic password” is more than one, the Winter Olympics is about to open, choose a sports anchor when the Spring Festival Gala host, also particularly appropriate.Worthy of the aesthetic appreciation of CCTV, 172 height, to that station, is a young and beautiful scenery line, at the same time, has won the recognition and praise of many audiences.It is reported that ma Fanshu himself could not believe that he could host the gala when he was invited. Nigametti also revealed in the interaction before the opening ceremony that when the director group called Ma Fanshu, it was almost hung up as a cold call.The director talked to her for about ten minutes, and she was totally confused.Director: “Why aren’t you excited?”Ma Fanshu: “I haven’t recovered yet.”It has to be said that CCTV is really a crouching tiger, hidden dragon, and everyone has the ability to live up to the expectations when they are given the important responsibility.In the live countdown to the Spring Festival Gala, three generations of CCTV Spring Festival Gala hosts appeared in the same frame, reminding people of the development of the gala over the years.Host Ni Ping as a senior firmly in the C, Ma Fanshu as the first time to host the Spring Festival Gala up-and-comer, also got teacher Ni Ping’s encouragement, in front of teacher Ni Ping is also very modest.But in a strict sense, Ma Fanshu is not the first time on the Spring Festival Gala, in the first year of college as a choir member, in the Spring Festival Gala sang the opening song and the last “Unforgettable Tonight”, so it seems that she and spring night is really fate, both lucky and strength!Ma Fanshu, 29, who is still single, said in an interview: “I like to have a sense of responsibility and a good temper, because MY temper is not very good, but also a calm family, not young meat, the most important thing is to find a mature man.”Such a standard of mate selection can be said to be sober, compared with the external appearance level, have inner man is easier to win her trust.Conclusion Ma Fanshu from the sports channel onto the CCTV Spring Festival Gala stage, this way she is steady, the future is expected to become the CCTV new “pillar”.With the stage in front of her, Ma fanshu seized the opportunity and gained the audience’s recognition through this Spring Festival Gala.I wish her a wider road to become a more famous and excellent host.– This article is original, unauthorized reproduction is strictly prohibited, infringement will be corrected.