We will make greater contributions to the construction of hainan free Trade Port with a more realistic style and stronger capabilities

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The original:Xiao-ming shen to visit sympathy was made when cadres In a more solid style stronger ability Make greater contributions for the free trade port in hainan construction Feng fei Mao Wanchun participate in related activities on February 7, is the first day of work after the lunar New Year holiday, party secretary, director of the standing committee of the provincial xiao-ming shen to agency units was made, see sympathy cadres and workers, New Year blessings to you,He also encouraged all of you to make persistent efforts in the New Year, perform your duties conscientiously with a more realistic style and stronger ability, and make greater contributions to the construction of hainan free trade port.Provincial Governor Feng Fei and Provincial CPPCC Chairman MAO Wanchun attended relevant activities.Xiao-ming shen to provincial party committee general office, the provincial standing committee general office, the provincial government office, vice-governor of general office, province JieDaiBan, organization affairs administration, provincial attitude reorganization construction leading group office, provincial “ZhaDu point, broken problem, promoting development” activities office units, walked into the office, with staff shook hands and friendly communication,I would like to give full recognition to your work over the past year and thank you for your hard work.Shen xiaoming pointed out that the New Year should have a new atmosphere.In the New Year, all units and departments should adhere to the central, serve the overall situation, earnestly implement the decisions and arrangements of the central committee and the work requirements of the Provincial Party Committee, focus on the main business and responsibility, optimize the allocation of functions, continue to work hard, and create new achievements.We should, in conjunction with the Year of Capacity Improvement activities, vigorously enhance the ability of officials and officials to start their own businesses and build a contingent of highly qualified and professional officials.With the tenacity of “style construction is always on the road”, we should temper the cadres’ excellent style and provide a strong style guarantee for the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port.Provincial leaders Chen Guomeng, Xiao Yingzi, Xu Qifang, Shen Danyang, Sun Dahai, Hu Guanghui respectively participated in the relevant activities.(Reporter Su Qingming special correspondent Wang Jiangshun)