Unpacking athletes’ gift bags

2022-06-03 0 By

In zhangjiakou Winter Olympics Village, athletes and officials from all over the world will feel the Chinese New Year spirit and the wishes of Chinese youth for the Winter Olympics.Reporter Yang Haining: This is the delegation reception center of Zhangjiakou Winter Olympics Village. Every athlete and team officials will receive such a gift bag after they come. It is said that there are Chinese children’s deep wishes for the Winter Olympics in this bag.In each gift pack, there is a painting, which is a total of 7,500 outstanding youth paintings collected by the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee in a three-month nationwide campaign.Each piece is unique and original, making it a special New Year gift for friends who come from afar.Reporter Yang Hailing: WHAT I hold in my hand are two children’s works that I particularly like, which are really carefully outlined by one stroke and one painting.There are not only traditional Chinese culture, such as the Great Wall, Beijing Opera, but also winter Olympics elements such as snowflakes and mascots, which reflect our Chinese youth’s pursuit of sportsmanship and sports and the inheritance of Traditional Chinese culture.In addition, in order to let athletes and officials around the world experience the Atmosphere of The Chinese New Year, feel the auspicious culture of the New Year, the gift bag is also specially equipped with the New Year gift box.Spring Festival couplets, fu characters and DIY paper lanterns create a strong Chinese New Year flavor.Hao Shengchao, operation team of Zhangjiakou Winter Olympics Village: Every work is very unique and exquisite.Especially impressed is the first country to receive the gift bag – Germany, a thumbs up.