Two little girls sent milk tea for the frontline personnel: uncle and aunt, you have worked hard, drink a cup of milk tea to warm up

2022-06-03 0 By

On the morning of February 25, two young girls brought milk tea to the staff at the nucleic acid testing site in the Northern district of Bayan Street University, which made all the staff warm their hearts.”I am touched that such a young child has such a great spirit of love.”The staff at the scene introduced that in the morning, there were two little girls doing nucleic acid when carrying a bag of milk tea came to the staff, a little shy said “Uncle and aunt, you have worked hard, this is the milk tea for you, this is we bought with New Year’s money, is our little heart,You drink milk tea warm “hear the child’s childish language, all the personnel present feel warm in the heart, all the fatigue has vanished into thin air.