The province takes the lead in implementation!Hangzhou first 30 days ahead of the release of bidding plan project announcement

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Recently, Hangzhou Bureau of Landscape and Cultural Relics released the bidding plan of xihu District Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau’s annual landscaping and maintenance project on Hangzhou Public Resources Transaction network. The bidding plan was released 30 days in advance, involving 5 bidding projects with a total bidding amount of 47.3 million.For the first batch of hangzhou city to release the tender plan in advance of the project.With the announcement of this batch of projects, hangzhou marks the first in the province to implement the tender plan in advance of the release system.Last September, The State Council launched the country’s first pilot program for innovative business environment, and Hangzhou, along with Beijing and Shanghai, became one of the six pilot cities.In February 2022, the Hangzhou Municipal Government issued the Implementation Plan of National Business Environment Innovation Pilot Project, which required accelerating the formation of a series of replicable and scalable institutional innovation achievements, providing an important example for the construction of national business environment and hangzhou’s experience. Among them, nine reform items were introduced in maintaining fair competition order.One of them is to establish a system for releasing bidding plans in advance.The establishment of the pre-release system of bidding plan plays a very important role in facilitating the bidders to understand the information of the bidding project in advance, ensuring the equal participation of all parties in bidding activities, and creating an open and transparent trading environment of public resources.This time, the Municipal Park and Cultural Bureau took the lead in announcing the first batch of projects with more than 30 days’ advance bidding plan in the whole city, providing demonstration and guidance in the bidding field of the city, and further improving the transparency of the public resources trading environment in Hangzhou.Since September 2021 hangzhou become the nation’s first business environment after the pilot cities, the city according to the national business environment gardens and innovation pilot city construction requirements, joint city public resources trading center, accelerate establish “about garden virescence maintenance project subject to tender in accordance with the law must issue a tender plan in advance notice, in landscape virescence maintenance project subject to tender must be in accordance with the law,We carried out trials of releasing bidding plans in advance, and vigorously promoted the reform of public bidding and tendering for gardens and afforestations in pilot projects to create an innovative national business environment.It is required that from April 1, 2022, all city-level landscaping maintenance projects that are subject to bidding according to law should publish the bidding plan through Hangzhou Public Resources Exchange Center at least 30 days in advance, including the project name, project scope, bidding price limit, maintenance period, expected bidding time, etc.The transaction window of The Municipal Gardening and Cultural Bureau will cooperate with the supervision and management work to ensure that the tenderers of the supervised projects issue bidding plans in strict accordance with the requirements, urge the implementation of the reform measures, and promote the transparency of hangzhou’s landscape and greening trading market.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: