The home placement assessment was completed in this way

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Zhu Ling (middle) and her colleagues ask residents (left) about the needs of building beds.Zhu Ling is measuring on the spot to make a practical design scheme.Urumqi Evening News all media (reporter Liang Shufang) questionnaire, tape measure, shoe cover…On the morning of March 31, after checking the “equipment”, Zhu Ling, an assessor of home care beds, set out with her partner, Guliezze Toheti.On the same day, the two will complete the registration, evaluation, agreement signing, entry platform and other evaluation work for the elderly in eight households near Dawan South Road.Urumqi has listed “accelerating the development of community elderly care” as one of the ten practical matters concerning people’s livelihood this year, and plans to build 1,280 beds for family elderly care.At present, 1,100 household evaluation work has been completed, which has been recorded into the system for review, to prepare for the next suitable aging transformation and intelligent transformation.Zhu Ling and Guliezizi Tohoti first went to the home of Helnisha Ushoer, a 75-year-old resident of Golden Bay Garden.Hernesha Ushoer, a subsistence worker with coronary heart disease and arthritis, needs AIDS or a family member to help her walk.In the communication, Zhu Ling asked the old man about his daily life, bent over and observed the old man’s legs, and gave the old man a score of 3.”The competency assessment is standardized, with 22 items out of 10.The higher the score, the stronger the self-care ability of the elderly.”The score was about five points if the elderly needed help tying their shoes or zipping their LACES, and zero points if they were completely dependent on others.”Zhu Ling explained.At the scene, Gouli Zeze Tohti uploaded the elderly’s scoring information to the system through a mobile phone terminal.Then two people measured the old man’s usual activity space, including the space setting of the toilet and the size and layout of the kitchen.”Auntie, apply for a wheelchair for you, it’s more convenient.”Zhu Ling said that the elderly legs and feet inconvenient, equipped with a walker can be slow daily activities, after the wheelchair, medical treatment, go out in the sun, etc.After comprehensive evaluation, it was finally decided to equip the bathroom with a bath chair, install a small night light in the corridor, and consider that the elderly take medicine all the year round. The family medicine cabinet is also included in the plan.Too late to drink saliva, Zhu Ling and partner went straight to the next.Yan Tingshun, a resident of No.7 Building of Jinwanyuan community, is 86 years old and suffers from necrosis of the femoral head of the right hipbone.”My father has been ill for seven years. He used to be able to go to the toilet with his hands on his back, but now he can only go on his back.””Yan Jun, the old man’s son, said.Considering that the elderly stay in bed all the year round, among the family pension reform programs, the primary one is the hand-operated nursing bed, which is convenient for the elderly to sit up and take care of daily food, and equipped with anti-bedsore mattresses and stool chairs, so as to improve the quality of life of the elderly and reduce the pressure of family care.”That’s really what we need the most.”Yan Jun signed a good transformation agreement, input system without error, the household evaluation completed.Wang Yanrong, director of the social affairs and social welfare department of the Civil Affairs Bureau, said that the construction of family beds for the elderly is an effective way to extend professional beds and services to families.The city entrusts third-party organizations, professionals to come to the door, the elderly capacity and bed needs assessment, tailor-made construction program.”In the process of household assessment, the elderly’s behavioral capacity assessment, the transformation of home beds for the aged, intelligent transformation and personalized needs assessment will be carried out simultaneously.”Wang Yanrong introduced, in line with the construction of family beds for the elderly mainly for the economic difficulties of moderate, severe disability of the elderly.Through the analysis of the evaluated data, the elderly households with moderate disability accounted for about 32%.In order to ensure the safety of these old people, the ground transformation needs to be anti-skid and height difference processing, in order to ensure the safety of activities, need to install guardrails or handrails in the bedside, toilet area.In addition to basic equipment such as bath chair and walking stick, intelligent equipment such as emergency call button and activity monitoring should be installed to prevent dangerous situations.The elderly households with severe disability accounted for about 68%.For such elderly people, a nursing bed that can help caregivers assist in feeding, sitting and so on is essential. In addition, smart mattresses and vital signs monitoring equipment are also needed to timely and automatically remind caregivers when abnormalities occur.