The entertainment service is free for 3 years and the premium service is free for 1 year

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In terms of configuration, the gun also has a good performance, equipped with ACC adaptive cruise, lane keeping, parallel assist, collision alarm/active brake, automatic parking, 360-degree panoramic camera and so on, for your travel escort.At the same time, it also gives us L2 level of autonomous driving, in this respect, can be said to be armed to the teeth.In addition to performance configuration, we are also looking at other aspects of performance.As the off-road version of the high-volume vehicle, consumers can not only enjoy the ease of driving brought by the tank steering system, but also provide a better driving experience in difficult road conditions or off-road conditions.In addition, the car is equipped with 360-view, panoramic sunroof, intelligent parking assistance, seat heating and other features.Of course, there are 360° panoramic video, panoramic skylight, wireless charging, rear control multimedia, etc.