Raise children for old age, store grain for hunger.There’s a lot of truth in that

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Raise children for old age and store grain for hunger.In China, raising children for old age and saving grain for hunger.There’s a lot of truth in that.Raising children for old age, is the trend of The Times, is the most suitable for China’s national conditions, the largest, most reliable and fundamental old-age security for the elderly.If even their own children, do not trust, do not love, then the elderly can rely on who?In today’s era, for the vast majority of the old China, the most reliable is still their own children and aging parents, valley hunger, this sentence is still very much in place, China has its own national conditions, has its own unique ethnic customs, cannot copy foreign mode, also can’t simply to use foreign endowment way, for the Chinese people, one is old,Must clearly recognize that “endowment has nothing to do with the children, they have the money, is king”, is a false proposition, is not suitable for China’s national conditions, is not in conformity with the actual situation in China, aged respected is the excellent culture of the Chinese nation spirit, is the Chinese nation for thousands of years tradition, is constantly reproduce the Chinese nation, the development progress of the underlying factors,Is the Chinese nation to constantly overcome all kinds of difficulties and obstacles a powerful source of power.The Chinese nation is a nation most know aged respected, with respects to the best of his parents, is a spirit of the excellent culture of the Chinese nation, is the excellent tradition of the Chinese nation, whether in China in the past, now or in the future, and in one hundred in the future, at least, pension must rely on children, is an absolute big probability event, is a super large probability choice,Leave children does not care for the elderly, live alone in some institutions for the purpose of making money for the elderly, will only die faster, dead more painful, dead more helpless, dead more absurd.Raise children for old age, store grain for hunger.This said is very reasonable, no spring breeze, rare rain, it is also very sensible, whether the elderly, and young people all want to care for each other, each other mutual trust and support is also very important, every family will have the old man, everyone will grow old, so the whole nation fighting hard work together to unite as one, working together, the aged respected the excellent culture of spirit,It is of great significance to the future and development of the Chinese nation to pass it on and carry it forward.