Junior two big brother brother to my baby 5000 New Year’s money, his 2 baby how to give?Netizen’s answer bright

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Junior two big brother brother to my baby 5000 New Year’s money, his 2 baby how to give?No matter at ordinary times or during the Spring Festival, the most important thing for people to get along with each other is to give back and give back to each other.Every year the most looking forward to is after the Spring Festival to pay New Year’s visit grandpa grandma, grandpa grandma, uncle aunt, uncle aunt of each family so worship in the past, my small wallet will often become bulging at that time it can be said that I have the most money of the year!However, time always handguns at once, I have become to relatives over again at this time of the child’s father, the most I do is to send money to the children at this time I didn’t realize when parents relatives of distress and embarrassment when New Year looks on the surface, send New Year’s money is a very simple thing, however, behind its back,When I was very young, my mother once said with emotion, “You kids get lucky money, while we adults get to get along with each other.” Indeed, in life, “Lucky money” is also “debt of kindness”, especially with the economic development in recent years,People have higher incomes after red envelopes full of cash originally simple, simple moral tradition has been covered with a variety of different human veil if a person is not a little emotional intelligence and wisdom it is easy to fall into “the dumb eating goldthreads” passive position or unconsciously in an awkward situation, offend others. In my impression,When I was a little boy, I just met a very embarrassing to send red envelopes situation at that time my family is not rich but my parents life is battle righteousness hospitality and friendly affinity, so was good relationships between relatives during the Spring Festival, they will be called a large group of people in the family to my house to my mother’s cooking party also got a lot of people recognized that year Spring Festival, 2 day,After the usual family reunion dinner, the parents played mah-jongg in groups in several bedrooms, while the children played by themselves in my sister’s room and mine.My mom will come in bonuses for relatives children and my aunt is followed by sent for his two children red envelopes so we together several children are very excited to see down the oneself how much money the result my sister a look at my mother for her aunt’s sister is a 200 yuan red envelopes and aunt gave me two one is 100 yuan for a small red envelope under it,My sister quit crying and Shouting, “Aunt how do you give me and my brother 100, my mother gave my sister 200, you don’t hurt me and my brother!I don’t like you anymore “sister cries, let the adults embarrassed in the house, at that time my mom was hurriedly dozen circle field especially aunt said” together, you and your brother 200 ah, don’t cry ah, aunt is the most painful is to you and your brother “but my sister and I still feel from the bottom of my aunt is too stingy, even feel very uncomfortable,Why mom and dad to sister 200 aunt and uncle to us 100!But now when I grow up and think about this matter, in fact, my two children, my aunt’s family of one adult to give the law is very fair and reasonable only blame at that time we were young, let my aunt once in embarrassment is too naive!03 this two years, as the country vigorously implement the “two”, “three” policy was only a child of the family, all the call “after life” and the rising number of children a lot of families and policy is a policy for another part of the family, they still wanted a child so he appeared between the family and children is not the same number of situation at that time,Happy New Year, can test people’s feelings and emotional intelligence have to admit that, how to send red envelopes to children is learning A lot of the day before yesterday I A colleague A few men in the group of us joked that he was the elder brother of the big jiu give “calculating” the original, the first day, with his daughter to A big jiu elder brother’s house for dinner before you leave,A and his wife discuss the time to give the elder brother’s two children, one person wrapped A 500 yuan red envelope results arrived, before A to the elder brother’s children red envelope elder brother’s wife gave A daughter A 5000 yuan red envelope and very happy to bless his daughter said “happy Spring Festival ah, dolls,This is uncle aunt give your New Year red envelopes we wish you A healthy all year, academic performance is getting better and better, “A couple A see such A big red envelopes, immediately stop say” children so small, don’t give her such A big red envelopes, she wouldn’t have to spend money “by this time A big jiu elder brother is very tough to say” two further delays I’m angry, you are too few, or what?This is I give my niece, you don’t care about it. “Seeing the elder brother was a little angry, they had to let their daughter collect it, thank uncle aunt” New Year’s money “then the family began to eat, but the thought of their own preparation of 500 yuan red envelope,A husband and wife is really A bit ShiBuZhiWei also take out more embarrassed to big jiu elder brother of the children to eat A meal is so anxious in the end, the two men decided to make big jiu elder brother’s house the next time the children send New Year’s money, this is not hair, after first didn’t sit too long, they will just go home so A ask we say “it’s not calculate me,How do I give his two children. “indeed, if give the child A package 2500, 3000, that’s also A bit unlucky but package will lost oh 1000 discussion along while, no one particularly good method, just suggest that A post online ask some netizens soon saw A problem apparently someone like A feeling,”This big uncle brother is not kind, his two children, give 5000, it is clear that you pay 1000 more, this relatives can not be settled.” But some netizens think that “we are all relatives, look at the big uncle brother’s behavior is really love sister and niece, maybe people don’t think so much, so close sisters and brothers,Don’t think so much, give 2000, 3000, don’t care about so much. “Some people think:” 2500 is the most appropriate, no one will lose as the meaning of the number is unreal, 2500 is not sweet?”After listening to the netizens’ suggestions, we all agreed that the netizens’ opinions are quite reasonable. As for how much A wants to give, it is better not to think too much and start from the feelings between each other. In life, there are not A few examples like colleague A, even many times, one does not pay attention to,When we will be in the New Year red envelopes full of cash to offend others finally “human lost two” parents must remember that at the time of sending money, want to consider more the other side of the family and the two contrast between the number of children on the basis of this, parents will be very easy to understand how much I should send red packets to the other children try not to hurt, never calculated others, although is the way of the world,But still suggest everyone a little less routine, a little more sincere, with sincerity for sincerity as for the occasional “you more, I less” situation, do not care too much about each other!Ok, that’s all for today. Have you met any awkward things in these two days? Leave a comment in the comments section below