How to improve your pull-up performance?

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How to improve your pull-up performance?”Pull up” depends on the strength of the arm, suggested: daily lift dumbbells 3-4 groups, each group of 20.2 to 3 sets of 10 to 15 planks.(Planks are best done with one palm or finger.) Do 2-3 sets of 20 push-ups.The above exercises can be accompanied by their own physical quality and improve.1. Hang it on the pole until it can’t.Come down and hang again.5 to 7 The first group more than 1 minute, each time more than 30 seconds, 1 minute rest;(Suitable for students who are new to pull-ups)2. If you can’t pull it directly, you can pull the stool up by half bending first, or you can jump on the pole and pull it up at the same time.Each group can not do 5 groups, each group rest for 1 minute;(Suitable for students who are new to pull-ups)3. If you have dumbbells, have some weight and do bench presses with more than 13 of them until you can’t.3 to 5 Rest within 1 minute between each group;4. Maintain the necessary aerobic exercise every day. The limited distance running of 1500 meters is mainly based on the energy of the back muscles, and the biceps will also participate.The initial training includes straight arm hang, flexion arm hang, flexion arm pull, flexion arm swing, low bar oblique pull, low bar flat pull (with one bent knee), various plank exercises, etc.If you can perform 50 planks at a time, you can expect to score 100.There are two methods to promote in the middle and late period: one is to ask people to help do it, in the case of no strength to hold it, hold the people with less and less strength, the student will do more and more;Two is in the fitness club to do heavy hammer type pull down, this posture and pull-down is the same.Standard pull-ups stipulate that the distance between hands should be wide, the body should be straight up and down, the chest should be straight, and the bicep strength should be reduced as far as possible.Students can train for narrow grip pull-ups first and then try these wide grips after doing 8 to 10 at a time.With a certain strength base, pull-ups can be wobbly.Students had better practice once a day, choose 3 to 4 training methods, each three groups of up and down, according to their own energy status to allocate.