Great news!Haosen diabetes treatment equipment officially settled in northeast International Hospital

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Recently, Good Anson diabetes treatment equipment officially settled in the international grade 3 general hospital – Northeast International Hospital.In recent years, Northeast International Hospital has used Haosen diabetes treatment instrument for the treatment of many sugar friends, with remarkable hypoglycemic effect. The hospital has given high praise to Haosen diabetes treatment instrument.Delta northeast international hospital doctors use good anson diabetes therapeutic apparatus for hospitalized for treatment of sugar sugar friends friends have also said that since the experience for anson diabetes therapeutic apparatus, blood glucose levels have improved, sleep had improved, every day feeling well, good for anson diabetes therapeutic effect thumb up!Northeast International Hospital is an international, intelligent, expert three-level general hospital integrating medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, prevention, health care, rehabilitation and first aid.After layers of screening and strict clinical trials, and then officially settled in northeast International Hospital, is a great affirmation of good Anson diabetes treatment instrument.Good anson diabetes therapeutic apparatus by using the principle of the magnetic field of biology, combined with traditional Chinese medicine meridian study in our country, to 5 groups of composite magnetic field, in the form of nine probe output, acting on the 9 key of six meridian of the human body acupuncture points, improve the stock of insulin sensitivity and improving insulin resistance, hitting diabetes incidence of root, reach the role of adjuvant therapy, at the same time, improve microcirculation,Prevent the occurrence of complications.Haosen diabetes therapeutic instrument has obtained the national Second-class medical instrument registration certificate, which is suitable for the auxiliary treatment of type 2 diabetes and its complications. It can adjust the human body environment, enhance insulin sensitivity and adjust the balance of REDOX reaction.Each time 30 minutes, fast sugar control;Stick to use, spiral down, prevent blood sugar fluctuations.Good Anson provides a new sugar control device for northeast International Hospital to assist the majority of sugar control treatment, and make a positive contribution to improve the quality of life of sugar friends.Not long ago, The Good Anson Experience Center in Handan and Shenyang stores have opened, attracting many sugar friends to the store every day to experience, blowing up the new fashion of sugar control.The good Anson settled in the Northeast International Hospital, marking the good Anson diabetes treatment instrument has been authoritative, professional certification and affirmation, good Anson to work with the northeast International Hospital for the majority of diabetes patients, to help sugar friends stop as soon as possible to stop needles and drugs, benefit more people!”Diabetes treatment instrument” good anson latest experience data released, 30 minutes fast blood sugar reduction!Good Anson Experience Center settled in Shenyang, 30 minutes fast blood sugar, sugar friends every day home experience!