Are the tangyuan still cooking?Let’s try guizhou

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It is the Lantern Festival again. Eating yuanxiao is a traditional activity today. Whether it is “rolling” yuanxiao in the north or “wrapping” tangyuan in the south, both symbolize family reunion and sweet life.The most common ways of cooking tangyuan include boiling, frying, drawing silk, steaming and brewing, but in Guizhou province, there is a special dish of tangyuan fried with pickled cabbage.Created in Guizhou province by Renowned Chinese chef Yang Rongzhong, sauerkraut gnocchi is salty and savory, yet sweet and soft when the peanuts, black and sesame, pour out.As an innovative Guizhou dish popular throughout the country, sauerkraut fried dumplings are suitable for all ages.Its cooking style is also not complicated.Need to prepare a bag of quick-frozen dumplings, chopped onion, ginger and garlic, pepper, dry pepper, salt, Guizhou hydrochloric acid vegetables.Coat the frozen dumplings with starch, heat the oil pan to 60%, and fry them slowly over low heat. Remove the dumplings after their skins are scorched.Stir fry minced ginger and garlic, sichuan peppercorns and dried chillies in another pot of hot oil.Add chopped sauerkraut and a little salt, stir well.Add scallions and fried dumplings, stir-fry for 30 seconds and serve.A crispy skin, sweet inside the pickled cabbage fried dumplings ready!Tip: The dumplings should be frozen, so that they don’t burst when fried, so pay attention to safety;Guizhou’s hydrochloric acid free dish is the secret of this refreshing dish. If the pickled cabbage itself contains salt, wash and soak in water to remove excessive saltiness before chopping.I wish everyone’s life like sauerkraut fried dumplings, taste thousands of zibai is still sweet!Guizhou daily Sky eye news reporter Ma Shengyun editor Yang Yu Liu Shiya editor Min Jie Yang Tao