3 kinds of “small green plants”, drought and shade tolerance is very good to raise, half a month pouring water, “fat dudu” kept growing

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Three kinds of “a little green plant,” well, the drought and Yin watered time and a half months, “puffy” long if the home of the space is not large, we can working in the space is small, or the light is not very enough, can’t guarantee one day more than five hours of full sun, if still like to have some lovely beautiful little potted plants, also can choose the following several small green plant,They’re all perennials, some are small succulents, some are very drought-tolerant little potted plants, but they’re easy to manage, beautiful, clean and lovely.Put them in the home of the balcony or windowsill, is very good, although there is no Chinese rose hydrangea butterfly orchid, but also is able to bear or endure look, there is a distinctive, cabinet and delicate beauty, especially suitable for lazy people to raise, usually very busy, no time and energy to do flowers and plants, also can easily keep them!And some also grow a lot of small whelps, very easy to raise to explode the pot.1, raw rock flowers this meaty plant, also called stone flower, belongs to a kind of New Zealand spinach meaty plant, its stem very short, and meat and detached leaves hypertrophy, was a popular name – ass flower, looks a bit ugly ‘ugly’ feeling, don’t have a kind of aesthetic feeling, but it is easy to keep of, because it was not strict conditions on the growth of the home environment well,Very easy to manage cultivation.Raw rock flowers breeding techniques in the first place when we were born in rock flowers planted, it is best to deep tube small basin to plant, because of its root system is developed, the soil can be used more than ordinary meat soil, soil, can match his rotten leaves with four add some calcareous materials with river sand can also spread a little pebble in the soil surface, or other small stone, look and feel beautiful,Still can have the effect that drops in temperature, it still can leave small golden yellow flower to come in autumn, summer is dormancy, control watering, reduce watering amount, put in the place that does not have strong light illuminate when summer raise, spring and autumn is grow flourishing period.Winter also want less watering, usually maintenance is very simple.2, short leaves mother-in-law mother-in-law and the blade is tall, a little bit different, short with green green leaves mother-in-law is also look good, mother-in-law is evergreen perennial herbaceous plants, so also is very suitable for family cultivation, is suitable for the lazy to keep busy no time flower at ordinary times, it is very drought resistance half Yin, also can adapt to the growth of the indoor environment, not picky.Its leaves are hard and thick, with some luster.Short leaf sansevieria farming skills growth speed slow down a little, but natural disposition is strong, the soil will not picky, as long as the soil loose fertile breathable drainage is good, can keep down, often do not insolate, directly on the astigmatism bright place in the home, can be kept in a place above, the soil not too wet, occasionally to think of it, give it water,Winter in 8 degrees above indoor maintenance, if long to burst the pot, a lot of young, can also be in the spring when the ramming.3, crystal zhang this name sounds nice, actually it is the treasure of grass, is a growing plant is very small by small liliaceous meaty plant, have also is very suitable for the balcony window sill, suitable for household, is suitable for the lazy lazy people keep small potted, it leaves green, hypertrophy, arrange into a rosette leaves, leaves with transparent feeling at 1:30.Crystal zhang farming skills it is suitable for raising in a cloudy place, can’t keep where the light is too strong, so the indoor computer desk, bookshelf, TV ark, can raise, but also quite easy to do, just do not water basin on attention to too much, otherwise easy to roots rotted, soil fertile sandy soil can be used to directly raise, it can be easily born pups,It is very easy to grow to the pot, a plant can grow many, in fact, when raised to the pot, thick green translucent small leaves, compact plant type, although not big, is also very attractive.The above several kinds of green plants, it is really small, maintenance is easy, need not spend what state of mind, as long as don’t too the soil of the bond, basically a little sunlight can keep well, and that kind of worry, just really don’t want to take a place, in any one corner of the sunlight in the home, can have a bowl or a two or three basins, see them cute little figure,It’s healing. A day in a good mood, the corners of your mouth turn up.If you like, try a pot.Some pictures from the network, if there is anything wrong, please contact to replace.This article is strictly prohibited to be reproduced without authorization, offenders will investigate!If you like xiaoya’s original content, please click to follow, bring you a fun and practical tips for growing flowers and vegetables every day.