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Apoplexy sequelae apoplexy is basically cured spiritual diet, constipation and sleep as usual, but the left big finger is impotence index finger can not stretch and flexor, the hand is difficult to lift things, the pulse is slow, the moss is thin white and yellow.Is more than evil, tendons are not comfortable.Rediscussing the method of supplementing the middle tongbi.Chuanduan, Eucommia ulmoides, Gentiana officinalis, Angelica, Gentiana officinalis, Asarum, Radix Pseudostellariae, Ligusticum chuanxiong, Cassia twig, Alone.Note: Ginseng, grass yiqi, GUI, xiong and blood, cassia twig, Asarum, Alone in addition to bizheng dampness, Gentiana officinalis, Tongli joint, eucommia ulmoides, Chuanduan liver tonifying kidney.This is the prescription of consultant Xu Baoyuan, who had no more than one or two taste after three times of prescription change, but recovered after taking 22 doses.Stomachache, acid vomiting, black stool, epigastric pain, aggravating hunger, acid swallowing, belching, dark stool, mental fatigue, heavy pulse and thin string, pale red tongue coating.This is liver and stomach disharmony.Treatment should be soothing liver and stomach, qi and pain relief.Wu Cornus, Stir-fried Rhizoma coptidis, Salvia miltiorrhiza, Sandalwood, Heishan pittosporum, Xiangxiang, Lotus leaf, danpi charcoal, bamboo shau, raw botryat leaf, tangerine peel, amomum, stir-fried licorice.Note: Yu Lian, Sandalwood, glycyrrhiza can relieve stagnation and heat, reduce fragrance and boya leaf can relieve nausea, salvia miltiorrhiza can remove blood stasis, tangerine peel charcoal, lotus leaf and bamboo ru can cool blood and calm stomach, tangerine peel, sandalwood and sand renxin can relieve pain, which can be used for disharmony between liver and stomach.Blood dripping (cystitis or pyelitis) fever slight cold, urine frequency, red astringency with blood, urethra burning pain, or urine turbid, pulse sinking number, yellow tongue coating.Syndrome is caused by hot bladder.Treatment should clear heat diuresis, accompanied by removing blood stasis.Sichuan Bi Xie, red poria cocos, radix paeoniae rubra, radix rehmanniae, radix cyathulae, Montenegro Zhi, angelica, jade gold, cogongrass rhizome, liquorice root tip, semen plantaginis.Note:Radix rehmanniae, gardenia, couchgrass root, sichuan knee carbon heat cool blood, hemostatic, angelica, jade, gold, red paeony root lines of blood, blood Bi Xie diuresis, red three, front tube, licorice root tip check urethral ache and dampness bi (arthritis) the waist and leg weakness weakness, illness years already, almost on hand, my right leg ankle, knee pain and numbness, difficulty walking, day light night heavy, ankle swelling, heavy fine of arteries and veins and string,The tongue is thin and white.It is cold and wet outside the invasion, stagnation in the meridian.The method of light agent temperature ventilation is discussed.4. Cooked side slice, stir-fried Peony root, Angelica, Gentiae Herba, Achyranthes Gentiae, Patina, Papaya, Dog ridge, cassia twig, mulberry twig, raw liquorice, Qingfengteng, Sea breeze Rattan, Herba Siegi Instructions.The water decoction.Note:The party to be Que yangxue, cassia twig piece WenTong cold, radix gentianae macrophyllae achyranthes papaya, lower limb joints, pittosporum skin, glandularstalk sign grass, qinghai wind cane, ramulus mori etc, clearing damp wind, relaxes the muscles and stimulate blood circulation, adapted to the lower limbs of vagina disease of bi jaundice (infectious hepatitis) evil cold fever, headache, thirst vomiting, right pain, chest tightness, two white eyes and yellow skin burden, loss of appetite, spirit is freezing up,The urine is red and astringent, and the pulse is heavy and fine.Is the spleen and stomach of Yang is not changed, water dampness block in Yang huang.Discussion on invigorating dampness, clearing heat and spleen.Yin Chen, pittosporin, poria, Tuckahoe, Poncirus aurantii, Tuber, Atractylodes atractylodes, Vinegar green peel, Alisma alisma, Forsythia suspensa.Note: Yin Chen li wet retreat yellow, Alisma, poring infiltration wet water, gardenia, forsythia heat, yu jin, qingpi Shu Yu qi, Atractylodes dry wet spleen.Insanity, ascending and singing, deserting clothes, cursing and loving.Pulse slip is strong.The cloud “Double Ninth crazy”.The disease is caused by phlegm and fire.Treatment should remove heat and expectorate phlegm, calm the nerves and open the body.Zhu Fu, fried Peony root, Pinellia pinellia, tangerine, bamboo shavings, fried Immaturus aurantii, Sheng Shi Cassia, Purple shell, jade gold, Sichuan army, gallbladder grass, Cizhu pill, calamus, longzhi.Note: Pinellia, orange, phlegm removal, gallbladder grass, bamboo shavings, Chuanjun, Aurantius trifoliata clears heat and purgates, shengshi Cassia, Hang Shao zhen liver, Cizhu pill zhen zhen with heart and kidney, shellfish, yuanzhi, fu Shen calming heart and calming spirit, yujin, acorus open the body.The wound is short of urine, the forehead is hot alone, the heart is ruffian, irritable, the whole body is weak, the tongue coating is white and greasy, sharp red, the pulse is heavy and slow.This is to feel the summer evil invasion, three coke is not declared, the gas is not.Liuyi Powder: talc, licorice, bamboo leaves, pinellia ternata, poria cocos.Note: this prescription uses talc, licorice to clear heat and medium, pinellia ternata, tuckahoe to penetrate moisture ventilation, and bamboo leaves to cool heart and clear heat.Medicine taste is not much, can be used as heat – prevention agent.Real wheezing and promoting shoulder, high voice, sputum, chest swelling and upset, pulse hong number, yellow and thick greasy moss.Phlegm heat stagnation in the upper dry lung.It is proposed to add and subtract the main ingredient of suzi qi reducing soup.Fructus peregris, tangerine, Pinellia ternata, Plain of Sichuan, agarwood, Mulberry bark, Tuckahoe, almond, Predactylosum, Immaturus aurantii.Note: asthma is divided into false and real, real asthma chest distension thick gas, high sound and gushing interest, if not, but to exhale fast, both phlegm and heat stagnation, dry in the lung, this method of reducing qi and reducing phlegm to smooth asthma, clinical application of good effect, and for wet phlegm cough effect is also repeated.External cold fever, headache, sweating, bad wind, sneezing runny nose, heavy nasal congestion, slight cough, floating pulse, thin white moss, etc.Frosted mulberry leaf, white chrysanthemum, fermented black bean, fried ox seed, Beijing red peony root, pink danpi, green bamboo shavings, almond paste, wei root, fried shanzhi, green forsythia.Note: The cause of external sensation is the evil wind on the muscle surface, carrying the heat of lung and stomach, remaining the upper coke, resulting in fever, headache, tiredness, sweating, evil wind and other symptoms.The upper part is dissolved with xinliang, which is based on the idea of pulse count and floating and sweating out the evil wind. Sangju drinks mint and gamorange, and Jia Zhi black beans are flowing away. Peony, danpi and bamboo ru are purging liver and clearing stomach.Although the prescription is light, the medicine is thoughtful.Disclaimer: this article is reproduced from the Internet and published publications, if there is infringement, please contact us to delete, related to all kinds of prescription, prescription only do information sharing, not as medical advice, recommendation or guidance.If necessary, please use it dialectically under the guidance of the doctor, and the platform will not bear any responsibility arising therefrom.# Traditional Chinese medicine ## Spring life punch season ## Spring Star energy #