The old man went up the mountain alone to enjoy the snow and fell. Fire rescue workers carried him down the mountain

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At 4:22 PM on February 24, hangzhou Jiande Fire command center received a report that an old man fell down wulong Mountain and was injured, unable to descend the mountain by himself.After receiving the alarm, the command center immediately dispatched meicheng full-time team to rush to the rescue.When he found the trapped old man, he was leaning on a hillside, looking anxious and distressed.”When I got up in the morning and saw snow on the ground, I thought that the snow in Wulong Mountain was bigger and more beautiful, and the weather was good, so I went up the mountain.”The old man said he was walking alone, so he was very careful and fell down the mountain.The road near the old man’s fall is slippery, and the road on the mountain is steep, so it is easy to slip when you don’t pay attention to it.So, rescue workers for the old man after a simple bandage, he carefully carried on a stretcher, escorted down the mountain.Later, the injured old man took the initiative to contact the fire brigade and asked whether there was any charge for rescue. After receiving the affirmative answer of “no charge for fire rescue”, the old man said that he would come to thank the fire brigade in person after he was discharged from hospital because of his serious injury and fracture.Hangzhou network) correspondent Bi Tianying Zhu Hongxing chief reporter Wang Chuan photo provided by respondents