Stick to the fire prevention position of forest and grassland, protect mountains and rivers, and protect people

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On New Year’s Eve, chengdu, a city of more than 20 million people, is filled with the atmosphere of Spring Festival celebration and New Year’s Day. At this time, the land of Abundance is brightly lit and all families are reunited.And in sichuan province forest fire brigade each duty point and command center on duty fire rescue personnel armed to the teeth, ready to simply eat after the New Year’s Eve dinner, and to clean up the hidden dangers of fire.Liu Yonggang, political commissator of Sichuan Forest Fire Brigade, and Li Xiaohan, deputy squad leader of first Class of emergency Communication and Vehicle Brigade, completed the handover of their sentry posts in the east section of Fucheng Avenue, Chengdu, and formally performed their sentry posts. At this point, 111 cadres of the brigade began to stand guard for the firefighters, leaving time for them to pay New Year’s greetings to their families.In Longquan Mountains, Chen Yinyi, deputy instructor of the second Squadron of chengdu Forest fire Brigade, led the soldiers into three roads to set up the checkpoint station at the main intersection of the mountain, and carried out registration and investigation on the personnel and vehicles entering the mountain, and strictly prevented the personnel and vehicles from entering the mountain illegally carrying fire sources.At the same time, a group of people carrying fire prevention equipment in shijing Temple on foot patrol, to ensure that there is a fire hazard can be dealt with in the first time.From Longquan Mountain overlooking the distance is continuous snow mountains, the city and four girls mountain yomi peak frame.The front garrison team of Siguniang Mountain has been working hard for 12 minutes to carry out fire patrol inspection at the entrance to the mountain in the scenic spot. In addition to checking vehicles entering and leaving, it is more important to prevent forest fire accidents caused by sacrifice.”Now has entered the forest fire prevention critical period, please pay attention to the use of fire, strictly prevent forest fire…”In key forest areas and fire-prone areas near Mount Emei, the garrison units earnestly explain the common sense of forest fire prevention to passing vehicles.In order to ensure “zero fire” during the Spring Festival and seize the initiative of fire prevention work, emei Mountain stationed in the front also sent several fire prevention publicity teams to carry out fire prevention publicity patrol and build the “firewall” of forest and grassland.Carrying patrol to protect forest resources and tourist safety.And in Panzhihua, Liangshan two fire rescue personnel always maintain a state of nervous combat readiness, according to the weather forecast, two places of forest fire risk continued to climb, in 4-5 high fire level.Fire rescue personnel at each duty station closely observe the dynamics of the whole scenic area, and send patrol teams to carry out patrol on foot in the scenic area and important sections of the forest region, ready for emergency rescue at any time, to ensure that the scenic area and forest region zero fire.When the lights are brightly lit, family reunion, sichuan forest firefighters but give up small home for everyone, they in Chengdu, in Liangshan, ganzi, in Aba, in Emei Mountain, jiuzhaigou stick to the forest grassland fire position, protect the mountains and rivers to protect the people.Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in a timely manner.Email address: