In the first quarter, 88 enterprises in Daye received 197 million yuan of interactive bank and tax loans

2022-06-02 0 By

Jingchu network (Hubei Daily network) news (correspondent Ke Run) “hello, excuse me to enjoy the tax policy can apply for tax credit loans?””Rest assured, the tax delay policy is a ‘welfare’ given by the state, equivalent to an interest-free loan, bank and tax interactive loan has no impact, you can apply for both.”On April 2, in the face of hubei Guangshun stone carving technology Co., Ltd. tax staff Wang Dingze consultation telephone, daye city tax bureau tax cadres gave a positive reply.It is understood that Hubei Guangshun Stone Carving Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing medium, small and micro enterprises, the main production and sales of various stone carving products.Since 2020, the company has obtained a bank tax interactive loan of 1.6 million yuan, and is an “old customer” who has benefited from the bank tax interactive for many times.In the first quarter of 2022, due to production and operation demand and staff wage pressure, the company encountered a cash flow problem.Under the guidance of tax authorities, Accountant Wang applied for a bank and tax interactive loan of 600,000 yuan in Webank.”I applied for the loan online in the morning and received it in the afternoon.Wang accountant can not help feeling way.In addition, wang, who is a small and medium-sized manufacturer, applied to the Electronic Tax Bureau to postpone the payment of 4,000 won in taxes.We can defer taxes and apply for credit loans, which greatly reduces the financial pressure on the company.For a long time, Daye City tax Bureau has been working together to alleviate the financing problems of enterprises and vigorously support the development of small and micro enterprises.On the one hand, the interaction between bank and tax has been continuously deepened. By broadcasting promotional videos in shopping malls, sending promotional messages and printing brochures, the awareness of the interaction between bank and tax has been further expanded.On the other hand, we will implement a series of tax and fee support policies issued by the target countries, strike a combination of tax reduction, exemption, tax refund and tax delay, and help enterprises fully enjoy various preferential tax policies.In the first quarter of 2022, a total of 197 million yuan of bank-tax interactive loans were granted to 88 enterprises.