“I want to be the second Faker,” an AD without an S crown, achieved in a different way

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Leader: Faker is a legendary player of LOL, and has many fans not only in his own league, but also elsewhere.This player has a unique personality and is extremely disciplined.He is not impetuous like other players, get a championship can still calm down, guard against arrogance.Now Li Ge five years did not win, but he did not give up their goals, still try to run in with teammates, for new honors.In the first two seasons, T1 signed two champion coaches, but they did not match li Ge.You either make the final four or you don’t make worlds.Brother Li has also filled in many times, even causing dissatisfaction among his fans.This season T1 finally no longer look for the champion coach, so as not to match with Li Ge and continue the results of the previous two seasons.01 “I want to be the second Faker”, Li’s teammate said to achieve the goal of T1 starting this season is also fixed, playing single Zeus, playing wild oner, single Faker in the middle, AD is Gumayusi, assisting Keria, these players have a good cooperation, T1 has become the top team in LCK players.LCK also made a documentary about these contestants, and Gumayusi’s episode “Take it Easy” fits his temperament, and this contestant is the type to take it easy.Gumayusi is confident in himself and capable of achieving these goals.Gumayusi came up with a new goal for The film: I wanted to be like Faker.T1 already has a lee brother, gumayusi is a fan of his and wants to be like Faker.But this goal is not so easy to achieve, LCK many young players are identified as Faker’s successor.But Faker’s triple crown is a real honor. No competitor has ever achieved a similar feat. How will Gumayusi do it?In terms of their personalities, Gumayusi is somewhat similar to Faker in his early days, with the same confidence.The difference is that Li achieved his goal, while Gumayusi still doesn’t have a world champion.02 Without a champion in S, this AD wants to be creative to achieve his goal without a champion, how can Gumayusi become Brother Li?In fact, he could have done it in other ways.The interviewer asked Gumayusi why he started his career at T1 and wanted to end it there.The player said that he came to T1 with Faker at the beginning. He wanted to retire in T1 because he wanted to be an iconic player like Faker, and he would leave the team only when he achieved this goal.Gumayusi said Faker is now an iconic T1 player, and it takes more than a world championship to be like him.Gumayusi has made it clear that Faker is an iconic figure in T1, partly because he won so many titles, and partly because he stuck with his old club and never left.T1 has many old players like Li ge with multiple champions, but they did not become team logo, these players do not carry?One reason is that they don’t have enough champions, and one reason is that players go to other teams after they win, and it’s rare to see someone as persistent as Faker.Gumayusi makes it clear that he needs to stick with his old club to be where Faker is now.Even if gumayusi is not so many champions, he can still be close to Li Ge’s position as long as he carries the team all the time, or even become the second one. After all, T1 has its own popularity, gumayusi’s goal will be successful.